The Leap to Management How to Properly Prepare for Success

The Leap to Management How to Properly Prepare for Success
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2024-04-18
Unit 1 Presentation Materials: The Leap to Management How to Properly Prepare for Success
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It is imperative for agencies to come up with a succession plan to shape the organization’s future. To do so requires equipping future leaders with the qualities and skills to be successful in their roles. This webinar outlines the specific traits and skills to develop, and a framework to effectively foster these.

Leading the session is Denise Diamond. Denise is the current Captain at the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. She has 24 years of corrections experience and has been on the command team for more than a decade. She is also an elected board member of the American Jail Association, a Certified Jail Manager (CJM), and provides skills development training, consulting, and auditing through Diamond Consulting.

Specifics covered in Denise’s presentation include:

  • Denise’s journey in corrections, the challenges she faced, and what she did to overcome the challenges and embrace leadership highlighting the value of perseverance, goal setting, learning through experience, and planning and preparation.
  • Traits and skills that Denise thought she needed as a leader that were shattered immediately once she held a leadership role.
  • The actual traits and skills that Denise learned are needed as a leader.
    • Confidence built from experience and gained over time.
    • Values that emphasize doing what’s right at the right time, for the right reasons.
    • Consistency in attitude and fairness in treating others so as to not affect team members.
    • Asking people and listening to their input and being transparent on what can or cannot be done.
    • Be a team member, practice gratitude, and uphold accountability.
    • Strategic thinking that focuses on the goal and mission.
    • Competency gained through research and experience.
    • Knowledge of experts who can provide insights with decision-making.
    • Organization and multi-tasking particularly utilizing automations and allocating prep times.
    • Project management to find a better way to do things.
    • Communication and writing skills to better connect with different audiences across different mediums.
    • Computer skills required for work tasks such as reports, databases, and presentations.
    • Strategic planning to ensure congruence in the agency’s functions and goals.
    • Legal knowledge and risk assessment to avoid liabilities, get ahead of problems, and keep the team safe.
  • The different methods of assessing the agency’s and individuals’ baseline skills to align development efforts effectively.
  • The common training areas of communications, leadership, and professional skills crucial to ensure leaders are well-prepared for their roles.
  • The specific areas of project management, risk management, and presentation worth looking into as part of skill development.
  • The Development Day Denise pitched to support staff on an identified area of improvement – presentations.
    • The segment of the staff that was targeted for the training.
    • The training components included, the experts that extended their expertise, and the specific topics covered for each component.
    • The practical aspect of the training and the mentoring and feedback provided to ensure that those who had the training can apply what they learned on their job.
  • Developing the three-year action plan that outlines the time available, the topics to train on, and who is included in the training.
  • Other considerations for effective training as choosing the instructor, acknowledging people’s different learning styles, and seeking feedback on what people want to be trained in.
  • Other approaches to personal and professional development when a structured training program isn’t available.

Questions from webinar attendees are about:

  • Denise’s presentation, training background, and the availability of her trainings in virtual platforms.
  • Approaching a difficult supervisor.
  • Improving communication skills.
  • Recommended resources on leadership development.
  • Challenges for experts turned leaders.
  • Motivating unenthusiastic employees.
  • Manager training for conflict management.


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Audience Comments

  • “This was an excellent webinar! I learned so much. Thank you again for organizing and providing these training webinars that help with work and personal life.”
  • “Outstanding ideas and potential learning objectives. Loved it!”
  • “This webinar was amazing and very informative!”
  • “The speaker provided good information for individuals new to management roles.”
  • “This training was very helpful for new and up-and-coming supervisors. It gave me ideas on how to present myself and self-check my skills and areas I want to improve.”
  • “I think the most valuable thing was that to be a great leader we should prepare for it. Whether that means finding out our strengths and weaknesses to better build our skills. I look forward to finding more webinars that can help me build my skills in communication.”
  • “I walked away with some great information on how to improve my leadership skills.”




This webinar will be considered by the American Jail Association to equal one online learning hour toward certification and recertification for the following programs: Certified Jail Officer, Certified Jail Supervisor and Certified Jail Manager.  For more information about AJA certification programs, visit



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