The Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab: A Critical Resource for Your Agency

The Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab: A Critical Resource for Your Agency
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2023-12-14
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There are areas for improvement in the law enforcement field, no doubt. But how can law enforcement agencies discern between the policies and practices that are worth their time and energy to implement and which are not? The National Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab aims to fill that gap leaning on constitutional policing and an evidence-based approach to ensure that agencies employ best practices as they fulfill their duties to the public.

This session’s presenter is Zoe Russek-Sobol, a Senior Program Manager at the National Policing Institute. Zoe has nearly a decade of experience in public safety and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role where she is in charge of the development and implementation of the Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab.
Points Zoe discussed in this webinar include:

  • The National Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab: Its origin, funding, goals, values, work, partners, and leadership.
  • The conceptual framework of constitutional policing that the Knowledge Lab upholds in its work.
  • The core values of Excellence, Evidence, and Equity that the Knowledge Lab intends to be practiced throughout the law enforcement profession.
  • How an excellent law enforcement agency is characterized by:
    • Valuing the needs of communities and working with them towards public safety.
    • Constantly striving to improve through innovations and evidence-based practice.
    • Regular self-assessment to identify challenges and self-correcting to do better in the future.
    • Championing a positive and supportive learning culture where a growth mindset is encouraged, and individuals are treated with respect and dignity.
  • How evidence serves as the driving force behind excellent agencies where solutions are based on existing evidence, and if unavailable, encourages innovation and further research, while also recognizing its limitations.
  • A rundown of the resources and repositories currently available for evidence-based practices for policing.
  • The value of adopting an equity lens in policing when making decisions and developing policies and practices to ensure fairness and build trust and legitimacy.
  • The core areas that touch nearly all of what law enforcement agencies’ day-to-day operations look like and what the Lab provides support each of these core areas.
  • The elements of excellence that agencies should practice to reach overall excellence in their agency and what the Knowledge Lab offers across these to support agencies achieve excellence.
  • The specific services that the Knowledge Lab facilitates to help agencies through technical assistance, connecting peers, and compiling and translating resources to be better understood and appropriately applied in the profession.

Topics raised during the Q&A are about:

  • Types of resources hosted by the Knowledge Lab and technical assistance offered.
  • Accessing the Knowledge Lab resources.
  • Encouraging a learning culture amidst staffing and burnout issues in the profession.
  • Resources for the national network of fusion centers.
  • Source of training for technical assistance and whether they’re vetted for by the BJA.



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Audience Comments

  • “Outstanding presentation. Zoe did a great job with the overview and specific tangible details on how the knowledge lab works. Look forward to future webinars with Zoe and the Knowledge Lab!”
  • “Learned the many areas of knowledge and resources available to help law enforcement.”
  • “EXCELLENT! Incredibly informative guidance. I look forward to implementing many of the practices in my state and connecting with The Knowledge Lab.”



About the National Policing Institute: Formerly known as the National Police Foundation, the National Policing Institute’s mission is to pursue excellence in policing through innovation and science. It is the oldest nationally-known, non-profit, non-partisan, and non-membership-driven organization dedicated to improving America’s most noble profession – policing.

The National Policing Institute has been on the cutting edge of police innovation for over 50 years since it was established by the Ford Foundation as a result of the President’s Commission on the Challenge of Crime in a Free Society (1967) and the related conclusions of the Kerner and Eisenhower Commissions, taking place during the same era.






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