Staff Recognition for Budget-Conscious Agencies

Staff Recognition for Budget-Conscious Agencies
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2024-04-02
Unit 1 Presentation Materials: Staff Recognition for Budget-Conscious Agencies
Unit 2 Transcript: Staff Recognition for Budget-Conscious Agencies
Unit 3 Workbook: Staff Recognition for Budget-Conscious Agencies
Unit 4 Recording: Staff Recognition for Budget-Conscious Agencies

Staff recognitions have the ability to bolster recruitment, retention, and community trust underscoring the critical role of creative approaches to recognition in the face of fiscal constraints. This webinar explores innovative, cost-effective strategies for staff recognition amidst static budgets.

Leading the presentation is Diana Knapp, the Director of the Jackson County Detention Center (JCDC) in Kansas City, Missouri. She’s been in the criminal justice space for nearly three decades. She is also the current chair of the American Jail Association‘s Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Points covered in this session include:

  • The most common and pressing concerns within the agency that staff recognition can address.
  • The different employee appreciation methods that vary significantly from person to person.
  • The five key areas of opportunity for recognition with various examples on how the JCDC and other agencies conduct these recognition events.
    • Recognition begins at recruitment: Emphasizing the importance of first impressions through a warm work environment, getting a buddy to welcome and support new hires, and involving the family in onboarding.
    • The importance of celebrating the whole agency and the events and achievements worth commemorating for the agency.
    • Recognition given for next-level efforts acknowledging individual contributions that go above and beyond what is required of individual roles.
    • Recognitions that foster inclusion by acknowledging the diversity of the workforce and facilitating peer support.
    • How celebrating milestones, both personal and professional, fosters a supportive workplace culture that recognizes everyone’s role within the organization
  • Leveraging cross-agency collaborations, trade organizations, and publications to recognize exceptional team members with a wider audience while also reducing the costs entailed in doing so.

Points raised in the Q&A are about:

  • Funding challenges for staff recognition and the strategy of using data to secure legislative funding for Corrections Week.
  • Addressing the difficulty of engaging overworked staff in recognition activities by keeping this within shift hours.
  • Strategies for ensuring all staff feel recognized by implementing peer-to-peer recognition programs.
  • Overcoming hesitation among staff to nominate peers by normalizing and diversifying recognitions.
  • Recognizing off-site team members through social media shoutouts and personalized care packages.
  • Handling public recognitions for shy or private employees.
  • Encouraging participation in peer support events done outside of the workplace.


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Audience Comments

  • “Many good ideas to put into practice. Thank you for the valuable information.”
  • “The information presented was extremely helpful in aiding fun, engaging, meaningful ways to show recognition and appreciation. This should be offered at least twice throughout the calendar year to afford more opportunities for attendees. AWESOME Thank You!!!”
  • “The presenter was quite knowledgeable and interested in the subject matter.”
  • “Really great, tangible ideas thank you. I love the idea of having a buddy when you’re new. Thinking of all the jobs when I got dumped in front of a computer and told “look through the drive” which is every document the org has produced in the last 10 years. The subtext being “don’t ask questions, we’re too busy.” I also liked the reminder to respect your introverts. Thank you.”
  • “I appreciate the variety of different and creative ways to recognize staff for their hard work and dedication to the organization. As a supervisor, it is important to make time and take time to appreciate all staff members in their respective formats. Thank you for a great presentation.”
  • “The webinar was informative and showed examples of how recognition can be done with a limited budget. The most valuable thing I learned is observing the organization’s culture and then planning activities, understanding what employees and individuals prefer for recognition.”
  • “This webinar is so worth sharing to let you know that it doesn’t take much to recognize individuals for their work in their community and on the job.”
  • “The webinar was great! I enjoyed the examples because they opened my creativity to how we can incorporate those into our agency.”
  • “Some very valuable ideas, thank you!”



This webinar will be considered by the American Jail Association to equal one online learning hour toward certification and recertification for the following programs: Certified Jail Officer, Certified Jail Supervisor and Certified Jail Manager.  For more information about AJA certification programs, visit




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