Generations at Work

Generations at Work
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2024-06-11
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Diversity is often seen as a positive attribute in group settings, particularly in the workplace, as it offers different perspectives needed for more cohesive and effective decision-making. Unfortunately, the differences can also lead to conflicts. This webinar zeroes in on the different generations currently in the workplace and how awareness of their differences can provide insights on how to better leverage their strengths and bridge gaps for a more productive, efficient, and successful workforce.

Back on the Justice Clearinghouse to lead the discussion is Al Cobos. Al is the primary consultant and owner of Dychelon LLC, a Human Resources training provider. He is a retired Sergeant with over 33 years of law enforcement experience with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD).

Specifics of his presentation include:

  • How generational differences in the workplace…
    • May give rise to conflicts due to diverse communication styles and expectations.
    • Shapes various facets of the professional experience including work ethic, loyalty, and retention.
    • Can impact engagement, leadership, communication, and retention strategies.
  • The critical role of managers and supervisors in creating an engaging environment across generations.
  • How generational upbringing and the technology each generation is exposed to play a significant role in influencing workplace behavior.
  • The responsibility of prepping younger generations in the workplace and how generational dynamics evolve in the workplace over time.
  • A rundown of the technological milestones, its impact on development, and its workplace influence across the generations.
    • Limited technology with radio and early television fostered traditional values, work ethic, and personal interaction for the silent generation.
    • The space race, TV and early computers cultivated optimism, innovation and adaptability for Boomers who still preferred face-to-face interactions and traditional methods.
    • Personal computers, the early internet and mobile phones that made Gen X independent and comfortable with technology and digital communication.
    • Social media and smartphones that allowed Millennials to connect with various resources and create an expectation for rapid updates.
    • Ubiquitous internet and on-demand streaming that cultivated Gen Z to be highly interactive, expect seamless tech integrations, and quick to adopt and adapt to new tools.
    • AI and IOT which resulted in Polars that expect automation and intuitive tech in their work process.
  • Each generation’s supervisory preferences where…
    • Baby boomers tend to be democratic, value recognition, and prefer face-to-face communication.
    • Gen X’s independent, direct, yet flexible leadership style that values work-life balance.
    • Millennials’ inclination for collaboration, inclusivity, feedback, mentorship, and growth opportunities.
    • Gen Z’s preference for innovation, growth, and nurturing leaders that communicates clear goals.
  • The communication preference for each generation looking at their preferred medium and style.
    • How Boomers prefer mostly formal and structured face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or emails.
    • Gen Xers that want direct and efficient communication and information sharing via technology.
    • Millenials’ preference for quick updates and collaborative approaches utilizing technology.
    • Gen Zers that maximize technology through informal, visual, and interactive communication.
  • Scenarios were provided to illustrate how technological impacts and supervisory preference may create conflicts in the workplace and how to overcome these.
  • Why it is imperative to understand different perspectives across generations and how doing so can benefit leaders and organizations by tapping the workforce’s strengths and retaining them through engagement.

Points raised during the Q&A are about:

  • Convincing leaders to have the generations conversations as it impacts employee retention.
  • Mentoring to facilitate mutual learning and bridge gaps across generations.
  • Work ethic issues in the younger generations.


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Audience Comments 

  • “It was very interesting to see the differences in preferred communication between generations based on the circumstances of what each generation grew up learning/being taught.”
  • “Great presentation, liked the scenarios and supervisory comparisons by generations.”
  • “How the other generations prefer to communicate and the differences. It will help me better understand and communicate more effectively.”
  • “Very informative webinar that was fast-paced and provided a lot of information during the time allotted.”
  • “This was so helpful and relevant for today. Thank you so much for this webinar. I hope there are more like this in the future.”
  • “Loved the way Al updated the differences in generational learning. The gaps are becoming wider and wider and he zeroed in on the current trends so well.”
  • “I am ALWAYS interested in hearing/learning about this subject and appreciate the knowledge shared by your subject matter expert!”


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