Creating Sustainable Change: Implementation Science Applied

Creating Sustainable Change - Implementation Science Applied
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1Module 1
Recorded on: 2024-04-04
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Across industries, change efforts are widely unsuccessful. In this session, Dr. Alexandra Walker explores the concept of implementation science to examine the factors to look into so organizations achieve the desired outcomes of changes implemented.

Dr. Alexandra Walker has more than 20 years of experience in corrections, reentry reform, and education. She has worked in both juvenile and adult settings and spearheaded multiple implementation projects including with the Colorado Parole Board. She currently serves as Director of Community Relations and Strategy at the Alliance for Community and Justice Innovation (ACJI).

Points she covered in this discussion include:

  • An overview of the work and services provided by the Alliance for Community and Justice Innovation.
  • What implementation science is, and how this helps facilitate change that produces the intended results.
  • How change efforts across industries often fail due to the inherent human resistance to change.
  • The traditional implementation framework that rarely addresses what happens between the identified problem and the desired outcomes.
  • The common two-step methods to traditional implementation and how these typically lead to failure.
  • The gaps that the criminal justice system face which complicate the application of research and practice improvements.
    • Service to science gap: The challenges with applying research to practice.
    • Implementation gap: How time, density, and quality impacts change implementation and its results.
    • Leadership and culture gap: Where past experiences can determine the support of the people to the initiatives.
  • The five dynamics of effective implementation
    • Leadership
      • The reality of leadership highlighting the value of having an army of champions to assist leadership.
      • The grit and patience required of leaders when implementing changes.
      • How leaders can create alignment to promote the desired change.
    • People
      • The inherent human discomfort and resistance to change.
      • How recognizing the golden thread across the employee lifespan can help when change is required and how to tap people, particularly new hires, as catalysts for change.
    • Data
      • The common data captured by organizations and the problems posed by too little or too much data.
      • The tendency to determine initiatives as a failure without fully implementing it.
      • The importance of gauging data fidelity when implementing change to fully evaluate the effectiveness of the initiative.
    • Culture
      • The variables that make up organizational culture and how emotional contagion greatly influences it.
      • Pointers when it comes to changing organizational culture.
    • Feedback
      • Leveraging feedback to assess whether changes are fully integrated into day-to-day work operations.
      • The value of creating an implementation team as the mechanism to review what was implemented and gather feedback to identify barriers, engage staff, and fortify the changes.

Topics raised in the Q&A include:

  • Recommended reading materials and resources.
  • Changing viewpoints over removing obstacles.
  • Dealing with leadership that is resistant to change.
  • Approaches to encourage resistant individuals to be more accepting of and embrace change.
  • How an implementation team can honor generational contributions and influence organizational culture.



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Audience Comments

  • “Great class! Wish my department would have you come and speak to my command staff.”
  • “Very beneficial to all leadership. This training should be a requirement for all leaders.”
  • “Alex is fantastic. She takes the concept of implementation and leadership and breaks it down into common sense ideas. I’ve heard the message several times but always walk away learning something new.”
  • “First time attending a webinar. Enjoyed overall.”
  • “Very good presentation. Kept engaged. Thank you!”
  • “This was the BEST webinar. I knew nothing about implementation science, yet its principles explained most of the frustrations that I have had in my career. I will definitely be attending the May 16 webinar. Thank you so much to Justice Clearinghouse and the presenter.”


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