Ask Me Anything Building a Wellness Program for Your Agency

Ask Me Anything Building a Wellness Program for Your Agency
Duration: 60 Minutes
Module 1 Module 1
Recorded on: 2024-06-11
Unit 1 Presentation Materials: Ask Me Anything: Building A Wellness Program
Unit 2 Transcript: Ask Me Anything: Building A Wellness Program
Unit 3 Workbook: Ask Me Anything: Building A Wellness Program
Unit 4 Recording: Ask Me Anything: Building A Wellness Program

This Ask Me Anything session supplements the Building a Wellness Program from the Ground Up webinar that Wendy Hummel previously presented . There she outlined the steps to establishing a wellness program. This time around, feedback and inquiries from webinar participants will be answered in this session to provide further guidance with planning and implementation.

A Justice Clearinghouse regular and audience favorite, Wendy Hummell is currently the Health and Wellness Manager for the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office in Kansas. She leverages her 24-year law enforcement career to serve first responders and help them develop resiliency and sustain holistic wellness.

The webinar covered topics that include:

  • Wendy’s journey which served as the foundation for the work she does in the wellness space focusing on those working in the high-pressure criminal justice profession.
  • The health and wellness unit Wendy manages, its staff composition, programs, and funding source.
  • How interest and inquiries within her network on how to build a wellness program motivated her to create a blueprint that covers the basics of planning, buy-in, and implementation.
  • Wendy outlines a flexible 10-step framework for implementing a wellness program which looks into:
    • Developing a plan and securing buy-in from leadership and the rest of the staff.
    • Choosing a dedicated wellness leader and assembling the team.
    • The necessary components of an evidence-based approach, collaboration, education, and evaluation to the program.
    • Identifying the components of wellness and prioritizing from these.
    • The nitty-gritty that comes with launching the program.
    • Ensuring leadership fully embraces the concept of wellness for both their staff and themselves and being good role models of prioritizing wellness.
  • The frequently asked questions on:
    • Buy-in: The need for buy-in from the top and the frontlines and understanding the law of diffusion of innovation to ensure this.
    • Funding: Resources and funding sources to look into to financially support the programming.
    • Generations: How a good representation across generations can help with buy-in as well as appropriate and effective support.
    • Data: Using national data, existing agency data, and wellness-focused surveys and focus group discussions to inform the creation of the program and monitor its progress and outcomes.
  • Real-time questions during the webinar concerns:
    • Incorporating wellness programming without a dedicated budget or staff by leveraging existing resources and community partnerships.
    • Determining priorities through published studies and conducting agency-focused research.
    • Qualifications of the wellness program coordinator and models that can be used to select the person leading the program.
    • Resources mentioned in the webinar.
    • Diagnosing insulin resistance and how this significantly impacts the wellness of those in stressful jobs.
    • Integrating wellness programming into academy training.
    • Recalibrating a devolved wellness programming through reevaluation.
    • Ensuring a comprehensive wellness program through a dedicated coordinator and collaboration with the training and communications team.
    • Wellness app-led training through Cordico and other apps.
    • Extending wellness resources to the employees’ families, retirees, volunteers, and other related populations.
    • What Wendy would’ve done differently when creating their wellness program and unit knowing what she knows now.


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Audience Comments 

  • “Wendy is an excellent presenter. Her passion for wellness is infectious and I learn more from her every time I attend one of her webinars.”
  • “Great information. Thank you.”
  • “Great webinar!”
  • “We are starting individual wellness for our unit and this gave me a good idea of where to start and some areas to cover. I also learned there is no one cookie cutter plan that works for everyone.”



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