7 Keys to Personal Resilience and Job Retention

7 Keys to Personal Resilience and Job Retention
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2023-05-11
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Given the retention issues facing criminal justice organizations, the profession has been looking for ways to address them. This session zeroes in on the concept of resilience as a counteracting factor to low morale and staff turnover.

Leading the discussion is John A. Shuford. John is the President of Collaborative Resolution Services, Inc. He is regarded as the national leader of the award-winning Immersion-Experiential© methodology of correctional staff development training and has delivered proven innovative staff development training for 30 years.

Specifics of John’s presentation are on:

  • What resilience is, what influences it, and the concept of the Personal Resilience Resource Network.
  • Facts and figures demonstrating…
    • The physical and mental health risk and toll of the absence of resilience, isolation, and lack of connection.
    • How work culture impacts lethality risk for criminal justice professionals.
    • How isolation and lack of connection impact the mindset, relationships, and lifestyle of police officers.
    • How the work culture and training model utilized in criminal justice professions is causing a decline in resilience, isolation, and disconnection.
  • Agencies’ role in addressing the psychological needs of their staff to prevent high turnover.
  • Increasing organizational resilience through…
    • Organizational dialogue, policy changes with line staff input, accountability, and feedback mechanisms, and meaningful recognition
    • Prioritizing staff training, including emotional competency training, and mentor programs.
    • Mission and vision statement that focuses on staff well-being, involving all staff in rehabilitation, and promoting staff social connecting opportunities.
    • Revising promotion procedures to reflect desired supervisor qualities.
    • Eliminating micromanagement.
  • Improving personal resilience through a wellness plan that employs the seven keys to personal resilience in what we do and how we think by…
    • Fostering relationships through quality time with family and friends and positive interactions.
    • Partaking in activities that enhance resilience like exercise, meditation, adequate sleep, and engaging in flow activities.
    • Practicing mindfulness to focus on the present moment without judgment.
    • Visualization as an effective and powerful technique that can enhance performance.
    • Embracing positive attitudes and optimistic thinking through the practice of reframing, gratitude, and forgiveness.
    • Adopting a belief system that provides a sense of purpose and meaning.
    • Setting and sharing personal and career goals improve well-being, provide a sense of control, and add structure and meaning to daily activities.
  • The ways that the seven keys to personal resilience combats isolation and positively impact our relationship with people around us, physical and mental health, job performance and safety, reaction and response, outlook, and self-esteem.

Points covered during the Q&A are about:

  • Suicide rates among correctional officers.
  • Challenges criminal justice professionals face as it relates to fulfilling their basic needs.
  • Applying these resilience-building and isolation-combating guidelines across different industries and professions.
  • Time duration and frequency required to reap the benefits of meditation and exercise.



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Audience Comments

  • “I love this. I’d like an opportunity to sit through it again.  — Diana
  • “This really brought to light some of the areas that I need to be checking in with myself as well as others that I work with.” — Elliot
  • The statistics were enlightening. — Riki
  • “The most valuable thing was the statistics and remedies mentioned during the training. Great webinar overall! Thank you! — James
  • “The presentation encouraged present good practices and suggested further improvements, within an organized structure of ideas. Thanks!” — Raymond
  • “Examples given with each area presented and how it’s relatable to anyone. I like that it wasn’t too much information squeezed into the hour.” — Aiko Nicole
  • “The webinar was thought-provoking, highly informative, and educational.” — Yetunde
  • “Much needed in-depth information. The Presenter was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. AWESOME!!!” — Vivian


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