10 Cyber Security and Online Privacy Tips for Everyone

10 Cyber Security and Online Privacy Tips for Everyone
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Recorded on: 2021-06-10
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According to the 2020 FBI Internet Crime Report, internet crime complaints and monetary loss due to cybercrimes were at a record high in 2020. The caveat is, of course, these are just the reported incidences – there’s so much more that has gone unreported for various reasons.

K. Campbell is back on the Justice Clearinghouse to provide critical tips for any individual that transacts online to maintain their cyber privacy and security. He is a security and intelligence professional with experience and training in vulnerability assessments, risks, and threats, among others. He is also the principal at Blue Glacier Security & Intelligence, and the executive advisor for enterprise security risk management at Bolante.NET.

This session’s discussion covers:

  • A glimpse into the current threat landscape that highlights:
    • The increasing number of internet crime complaints and the monetary impact of these.
    • The countries and US states with the highest risk of cybercrime, and the typical demographic of the victims.
    • The types of cybercrimes to look out for as opposed to the ones that get the most attention.
  • Fortifying social media security settings by being cognizant of the permissions we grant to access our phone numbers, contacts, and location, among others.
  • Conducting a periodic check of recent data breaches which might have compromised your privacy and data.
  • Utilizing services that obfuscate your email address and credit card details, so it becomes much more difficult for cybercriminals to access these.
  • Using secure messaging apps with true end-to-end encryption to keep bad actors from accessing your information.
  • Employing credit freeze as a security layer preventing cybercriminals from accessing your personal and financial information.
  • Opting out of platforms, databases, and brokers that access and sell personal information and other valuable data.
  • Keeping devices safe through native programs and apps that come with our devices and supplementing it with Malwarebytes.
  • Using a reputable and paid version VPN provider to encrypt your data as it travels between your devices and the vast cyber world.
  • Maximizing the security provided by password managers with its ability to generate complex and secure passwords, store the multiple login credentials you’ve accumulated through the years, ensure passwords are always unique, and track data breaches.
  • Leveraging two-factor authentication to add a layer of protection ensuring that only you can access your accounts even after a bad actor gets access to your login credentials.
  • How using a couple or all of the tips provided can create the layers of security needed to make it more complicated for cybercriminals to access your data and victimize you of any form of cybercrime.


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Audience Comments

  • “Everything was great. I am not real savvy about these kinds of things.” — Beth
  • “The topic was fascinating. I learned that I had better get my act together and start protecting my data – especially since I am in the high-risk group!! I feel as though I would need a lot of tutorials just to complete one of the tips, but I appreciate the contact info for K. Campbell.” — Beth
  • “Security tips. I’m in the process of implementing some of the tips that were shared.”– Casey
  • “The different levels of protection that you can utilize protect your personal information. VPN also sites that can be compromised and what’s a good protection method. Also what companies on what services or apps. Very good we’ll listen to again and follow the instructions given in his presentation.” — Marc
  • “He gave me more insight on how to protect myself that I can share with others. Thank you.” — Martha
  • “I think all the tips were awesome and hope to implement them into my personal life asap.” — Michelle



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