Name Resource Type Category Subject Matter Expert Creation Date
 ISIS and Local Street Gangs Series (Part 5): Spread of ISIS Gangs and Implications for Security in U.S. communities Original Article Original Article, Terrorism Roger Patterson 01/09/2018
“Legal” Drug Use through Chemistry An Overview of the Synthetic Drug Dilemma Course Course, Drugs Tate Yeatman 04/16/2015
“Officer Why Did You Shoot My Dog?” The Dynamics of Officer Involved Shootings of Dogs Course Animal Abuse, Course, Law Enforcement, NACA John Thompson 09/11/2018
“Shadow War”: State Sponsored Terrorism & Threats to Local Communities Original Article Original Article, Terrorism Roger Patterson 05/29/2018
“The New Normal” – Recovering from an Intruder Response Incident Course Course Mark Warren 04/11/2018
101 Introduction to How Cybercrime and Cyber Defenses Actually Work Course Course, CyberThreats, Information Technology Stacey A. Wright 02/01/2018
11 Things to Keep In Mind Managing Confidential Informants Original Article Ethics, Investigation, Prosecutor 02/10/2017
12 Real Considerations to Prepare for Your Virtual Meeting Original Article Organizational Management, Original Article Natasha Terk 06/23/2018
1983 Civil Rights Litigation: What Justice Professionals Need to Know Course Course, Law Enforcement, National Center For Jail Operations, National Sheriffs Association, NSA Certified Rick Hodsdon 07/07/2020
2013 Colorado Floods, Boulder’s Emergency Animal Air Rescues: A Military and Animal Control Collaboration Course Animal Abuse, Course, Law Enforcement, Mass Casualty-Crisis Management, NACA, NACA Certified Janee’ Boswell 05/23/2019