Intelligence might get you the job, but Emotional Intelligence gets you promoted.


Learn the importance of self-awareness and how it can impact efforts to de-escalate.


Understand how our emotions can influence decisions which will allow you to make better decisions and their impact on others.


They say that Intelligence might get you the job, but Emotional Intelligence gets you promoted. Given the complex, challenging, and ever-changing world criminal justice professionals face today, it’s never been more important for first responders, law enforcement, public safety and criminal justice professionals of all types to develop and grow their Emotional Intelligence capabilities.

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, provides the foundation for all of our interactions. This combination of social and emotional components work together to determine how well we understand ourselves and others in unique – and often highly stressful situations. This can range from:

    - Dealing with a difficult co-worker
    - De-escalating tensions with neighbors
    - Learning to choose your words carefully so that employees will not only hear but USE your feedback
    - Managing relationships with other agencies

Growing your Emotional Intelligence capabilities can make you a better employee, a more capable collaborator, a more aware and astute leader, and empower you to be more able to respond to evolving situations in the community you serve.


Designed for the Busy Working Professional

Whether you are new in the field or you’re ready to take the next step in your career, consider investing in your future throught this course which is filled with more than 5 hours of instruction, activities and exercises designed to help you grow and succeed in your role.


Convenient and Affordable Training on your own schedule and without the need to travel.


Taught by Michael Brown, a retired law enforcment professional and Cheryl Stewart, a certified EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 trainer.


Courses consist of real-world info important for anyone in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Probation, Animal Welfare or any other justice profession.

grow in your career

Your online course is filled with more than 4.5 hours of instruction, activities and exercises designed to help you grow and succeed in your role.













Meet Your Instructors

Mike Brown

Mike Brown is a retired law enforcement professional whose law enforcement career began as a United States Air Force Security Police officer in 1983. After tours in Texas, Korea, and Guam, Mike was assigned to Andrews Air Force Base, Special duty, on a Presidential Support Unit.

After being honorably discharged in 1989, Mike attended and graduated from the Prince George’s County Municipal Police Academy. It was not long afterward, in 1993 that Mike received his first instructor certification as a firearms instructor from the Maryland State Police. As a trainer, Mike created numerous law enforcement related courses such as RADAR, Court Testimony, Crime Scene Investigation, Interview and Interrogation, to name a few. In 1996 Mike was promoted to detective which enabled him to attend several training courses which included Basic Investigator School, Interview and Interrogation School, Advanced Interview and Interrogation School, and Undercover Narcotics Investigator School. While working as a detective, Mike received two “Officer of the Year” awards, one of which was for the successful investigation of an attempted murder case, where his knowledge of interview and interrogation resulted in a confession where there was otherwise little hope of closing the case due to a lack of physical evidence or known suspect.

After retiring from the police department, Mike became a training manager for the National Sheriffs’ Association where he managed and conducted training sessions at the local, state, and federal level. Mike left the National Sheriffs’ Association after eight years to become the Training Administrator for the D.C. Department of Corrections. While working at DCDOC, Mike served two terms as the Chair of the Council of Government’s Training Advisory group, whose members included Corrections Training Administrators from the surrounding jurisdictions. In May of 2018, Mike returned to the National Sheriff’s Association as the Director of Professional Development.

Mike has an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the Community College of the Air Force, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia Southern University.

Cheryl Stewart

Cheryl Stewart is the Director of Public Affairs and Strategic Engagement with the Mayson-Dixon Companies. In this role she leads a team with strategy development and execution, communications and marketing, and community engagement. She has more than 20 plus years as a communications professional and in the field of Organizational Development. She is passionate about research and data collection and enjoys empowering others on how to “figure things out” in order to achieve their goals.

Prior to joining the MD team, Cheryl worked as Director of Organizational Development for the Maryland Aviation Administration, owner and operator of BWI Thurgood and Martin State Airports. In this role she oversaw Training and Development, Performance Management, and Employee Development Services.

She also served as a Press Secretary under Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake. She managed the Mayor’s press availability, media relations, community outreach events, and public affairs.

Prior to working with the Mayor, she was a Public Affairs Officer for the Maryland Transit Administration and Maryland Aviation Administration. In these roles, she served as a spokeswoman for both entities and was responsible for marketing and communications strategy, outreach initiatives.

She started her career as a television News Producer and worked at various television stations in the south and Baltimore. She holds a Masters’ Degree in Organizational Development and Strategic Human Resources from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Loyola University, New Orleans.

What People Are Saying about This?

EI is so important at work especially with all the stress we were/are dealing with COVID and post COVID. The question now is what is our new ‘normal’ going to look like. EI will play a very important role in our new ‘normal’ in both the workplace and at home.

- Mae

Well done! I appreciated the examples in the clips to put context to the situation and how it relates to the emotional and thinking mind. It is like Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and more effectively working with intense emotions, behaviors, and/or relationship struggles.

- Ravae

The information was useful, practical, and applicable. I m a visual person, so to be able to attached terms to the actual process of problem-solving, and how my emotions can affect them will definitely improve my self-awareness. I also appreciate the presenter mentioning how visualizing situations can actually help a person make the right decision when it comes into play

- Jimmy

Knowledge of the core principles & the practical demonstration of them was very valuable. Certainly enjoyed the pleasant personalities of the presenters; their graphics & particularly the real-life videos that correlated with the intended objectives.

- Bruce

Self-talk is the key. And I like how Mike described what he feels when faced with a trigger. The trigger (the feeling we get in our gut) will alert us that it’s time to tell ourselves to stay in our left brain. It works.

- Vince

I enjoyed the presenters. They were knowledgeable on the subject matter and presented good suggestions for improving my EQ.

- Sheree

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