Online Course: Advanced Leadership Skills

Advanced Leadership Skills for Justice Professionals

To say that we live in trying times would be a severe understatement. Now, as much as ever, leadership is needed. The issues we face are complex and of monumental importance. Bobby Unser said, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Opportunity exists around every corner as do new challenges. This online course is designed to help attendees hone and further prepare advanced leadership skills. The material covered in this course will benefit any leader or potential leader regardless of their discipline, focus, or background. The concepts will be framed from and for a public service non-profit perspective. First, we will look at understanding and implementing leadership styles. We will then move to applying problem solving and decision-making skills. Moving along, we will address coaching and mentoring for better performance. We wrap up with managing and leading for greater efficiency and effectiveness. In each session we will consider academically sound yet practitioner-based techniques, skills, and best practices to address each topic.

This course consists of four sessions scheduled for 120 minutes each encompassing more than 8 hours of learning.

This course may be eligible for Continuing Education Units through your POST. Please consult your local certification processes for additional details.



Dr. Jeff Fox Dr. Jeff Fox served for 27 years in the field of criminal justice, 21 of which were with the Virginia State Police. He began his law enforcement career as a military policeman in the Army and served as a town police officer, trooper, sergeant, first sergeant, and lieutenant. He served as a field lieutenant with the state police and served as the assistant training director. He also served as the statewide incident management program manager for the Virginia Department of Transportation. Jeff earned a master’s degree in criminal justice administration and an MBA degree with specialization in criminal justice. He earned a PhD in business administration with specialization in homeland security. He is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute Administrative Officers Course and the Virginia Commonwealth Management Institute. Jeff completed the Virginia State Police Academy, a Regional Criminal Justice Academy, and Military Police School.

Lesson 1: Understanding and Implementing Leadership Styles

In this first session we will look at what leadership is and isn’t. We will examine various prominent leadership styles and consider the differences between leadership and management. We will attempt to identify what type of leader we are and what type of leadership skills we have and wish to gain or enhance. Additionally, we will discuss situational leadership, servant leadership, transformational leadership, and various leadership paradigms.

Activities and Homework:

  • Leaders vs Managers
  • Video: 10 Leadership Theories
  • Other Readings
  • Video: Situational Leadership
  • Video: Transformational Leadership
  • Video: 5 Styles of Leadership
  • Video: Leadership is a Choice
  • Traditional Leadership vs Servant Leadership
  • Video: Leadership is a Practice
  • Video: Leaders Make You Feel Safe
  • Character-driven vs Emotion-driven leaders
  • Video: What Leaders Get Wrong
  • Reflection Journaling and Action Steps

Lesson 2: Applying Problem Solving & Decision Making

Building on our previous session’s work, during Session two we will talk about applying problem solving and decision-making skills and techniques to our leadership skill set. Attention will be given to recognizing and identifying problems and then developing feasible and impactful decision making. We will examine the steps needed to both recognize problems and attempt to solve them. The pitfalls of problem solving and decision making will be examined. Additionally, we will discuss the dynamics of problem solving, characteristics of effective decision making, and evidence-based problem solving, policy development and management practices.

Activities and Homework:

  • The Problem Solving Process
  • Analogue vs Digital Culture
  • Video: Problem-solving Processes
  • Other Readings
  • Reflection Journaling and Action Steps

Lesson 3: Coaching & Mentoring for Better Performance

In Session three we will talk about coaching and mentoring for better performance. We will discuss the importance of coaching and mentoring. Methods and best practices on how to coach and mentor will be offered. The “people” paradigm of leadership will be the focus. By the end of this session, we will have explored how such things as effectiveness, empowerment, transformation, investment, customer service, principles, and synergy impact and are impacted by leadership.

Activities and Homework:

  • The Individual and Organizational Benefits of Mentoring
  • Video: Navy Admiral William McRaven
  • Video: The Differences between Mentoring and Coaching
  • Video: Lou Holtz 3 Lessons
  • Reflection Journaling and Action Steps

Lesson 4: Managing & Leading for Greater Efficiency & Effectiveness

During our last Session, we will talk about managing and leading for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Methods and best practices on how to lead and manage to enhance efficiency and effectiveness will be offered. The “thing” paradigm of management will be the focus. By the end of this workshop we will have explored how efficiency, structure, measurement, control, techniques, and compromise impact and are impacted by management.

Activities and Homework:

  • Video: Three levels of Managerial Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Video: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • What is Your Emotional Intelligence Quotient?
  • Video: How to Be a Remarkably Effective Manager
  • Reflection Journaling and Action Steps

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Advanced Leadership Course with Jeff Fox

Advanced Leadership Course with Jeff Fox