If your state already has a state issued certification requirement, a NACA Certification is a nice complement to your local requirements.


Even if your state does not require any form of certification, a NACA Certification can provide you a foundation of knowledge – and “fill in the gaps.”


If you’re building your resume in preparation for future career advancement, a NACA Certification can be proof that you are committed to growing in your career.

NACA ACO II Certification COURSE

Your work as an animal control officer is important. Your work keeps animals, their humans and communities safer.

And while you may have mastered the basics, now might be the right time to take your knowledge and skills to the next level. Maybe you want a deeper understanding of animal fighting. Or perhaps you often find yourself being called in to help de-escalate a situation for other ACOs. Or maybe you’re starting to wonder if a few of the area’s animal “rescues” are more like hoarding situation. NACA’s ACO II Certification course takes you deeper into some of the most challenging situations ACOs face across the country.

Take the next step in your career today.


Designed for the Busy Working Professional

Designed for the busy working professional, each lesson is divided into 5-10 bite sized “topics” that can be completed in 10-20 minutes each. Here are the six major topic we cover in this course.


Convenient and Affordable Training on your own schedule and without the need to travel.


Taught by experienced investigators, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and Animal Control Professionals.


Courses consist of real-world info important for any new ACO.

grow in your career

Your online ACO II Certification Course is filled with more than 27 hours of instruction (7 New Hours Added in 2024), activities and exercises designed to help you grow and succeed in your role.










The NACA Certification is designed specifically for working adults in the Animal Care/Control profession.

What’s more: Every lesson in the course has been reviewed by NACA’s training committee consisting of resident experts who are committed to enhancing and growing our profession. So when you go through the lessons, you know you’re hearing expert advice from people you can trust.

Meet Your Instructors

The lessons are taught by some of the industry’s thought leaders – people you might only get to hear at a national conference or read about in industry magazines.

Jim Crosby


More Bio

Denise Beagley

Banner Health

More Bio

Adam Leath

Seminole County (FL) Animal Services

More Bio

Terry Mills


More Bio

Dr Kimberly Miller

More Bio

Amy “Opie” Taylor

Virginia Animal Fighting Task Force

More Bio

Diane Robinson

Humane Society of the United States

More Bio

Richard Samuels

Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office

More Bio

Michelle Welch

Virginia Office of the Attorney General

More Bio

Janet Hoy Gerlach


More Bio

Jerrica Owen

National Animal Care and Control Association

More Bio

Jace Huggins

San Diego Humane Society

More Bio

John Peaveler

Veterinarians without Boarders

More Bio

Certification or Continuing Education Credit

The National Animal Care and Control Association (NACA) is the leading professional association committed to growing the level of professionalism in the field on Animal Care and Control. As part of our mission, we are committed to offering working Animal Care professionals the education they need to grow in fulfilling, mission-driven careers that serve both their communities and the animals they care about.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is the Course?

The price is $500 for each student. We do offer a $100 discount for NACA Members. Please contact support for details or go to our online form to request your code.

Do I Need to Take NACA ACO I Before ACO II?

The short answer is No. The NACA Training Board took special care to ensure that the ACO II Certification Course could stand on it's own. Of course, if you would like to take both courses together, there is an option below that offers a discounted price. More details about ACO I can be found here.

Do you offer group discounted pricing?

Yes! For agencies who know they will continuously need additional training seats and wish to make a single discounted invoice purchase, we have a convenient “10-Pack” bundle just for you! Our 10 Pack Bundle provides 10 training seats for the discounted price of $2,245 – a savings of $2,225. These can be used as part of your onboarding process throughout the year, to encourage staff to grow and develop in their careers, for promotions, and can be applied to either ACO I or II.

But I Already Work Full-time… Would I Have Time?

We hear you. Only you know about the demands of your job or if you can “juggle” the demands of work, family, and school. That said, online courses are a great way to get the knowledge you need for career growth, without being tied down to a specific schedule, being out of the office for days at a time, or burdened by the expense of high priced tuition or travel costs. Split up into bite sized components, each course section can be completed over a lunch break in a week’s time – sometimes less. And don’t worry: if life gets in the way, you’ll have a whole year to complete the lessons on your own schedule.

Is There a Brochure Describing the Course?

Yes! You can download the brochure here.

What Internet Browsers Can I Use?

We have tested the course using Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The Learning Management System does not work well with Firefox or Safari.

How Do I Log In?

Once we receive payment (online or check), we will contact you with instructions on how to log in. If you paid online, you should receive an email within five minutes.

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card or debit card through our online check out.

How do I request a refund?

We are not able to offer refunds on any of our courses. However, if the initially assigned student has not started the course, we may be able to reassign the course to a new person.

How long will I be able to access the training materials?

Students have 12 months from the date of enrollment to complete the course. If you would like to request an extension, please contact us at least two months prior to expiration.

Am I guaranteed a certificate if I enroll in the course?

No. Students are expected to take the course and engage in all the contents in their entirety, including reading all material, watching all videos, and completing the end of lesson quizzes. Such measures will help ensure that each student is adequately prepared to successfully complete the final exam. With the purchase of this course, students can take the final exam a maximum of two times. The time a student spends in each section is recorded, and students who the administration feels, do not demonstrate a good faith effort to complete all required course components, may not be granted additional attempts to take the exam. Additional attempts are at the discretion of the course administrator (NACA and JCH) and may result in additional fees.