Build a 21st Century modern digital footprint to building engagement, you’ll learn how to prepare, prioritize and get organized with the major social media platforms.


Become your agency’s “customer service captain” and learn how to adapt your tactics for crisis communications.


Develop strategies to avoid burnout, maintain your creative edge, and maintain balance.


The world as we know it is digital first -- social media profiles, digital audiences, and online engagement aren't just a nice to have -- they are now a necessity. How and why agencies devote time and resources to this effort is important, as stories, connections, and conversations often arise first and foremost in a digital space.

This online course is designed to help attendees hone and advance their skills around digital communication strategy, from best practices to crisis communications and customer service.

First, we will look at the social media platforms and how each has its own advantages when it comes to connection and engagement. Then, we will shift to seeing how messaging and conversations on those platforms can resonate with audiences, and how that in turn provides agencies with critical components for staying in the driver's seat of information. We will wrap up the course by exploring how misinformation has impacted social media messaging, and also working to ensure that those who monitor and run social media channels for agencies know how to also take care of themselves when the platforms can become overwhelming.


Designed for the Busy Working Professional

Whether you are new in the field or you’re ready to take the next step in your career, consider investing in your future throught this course which is filled with more than 5 hours of instruction, activities and exercises designed to help you grow and succeed in your role.


Convenient and Affordable Training on your own schedule and without the need to travel.


Taught by Katie Nelson, Social Media and Public Relations Coordinator for the Mountain View Police Department in Northern California.


Courses consist of real-world info important for anyone in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Probation, Animal Welfare or any other justice profession.

grow in your career

Your online course is filled with more than 5 hours of instruction, activities and exercises designed to help you grow and succeed in your role.







Meet Your Instructors

Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson is the Social Media and Public Relations Coordinator at the Mountain View Police Department in Northern California since 2015. In her role, she manages the department’s social media accounts and outreach campaigns, focusing primarily on the department’s engagement efforts as well as serving as the agency’s public information officer.

She presents across the country on social media best practices and crisis communication strategies. She serves as an instructor with the California Office of Emergency Services and the California POST. She is currently the General Chair of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Public Information Officers Section, and is a recipient of the Young Athena Award and an Award of Distinction with the California Peace Officers Association.

Previously, she also served on the Government Social Media Council, a national organization that works to educate and improve agencies’ understanding and usage of social media platforms. You can follow Katie on Twitter: @katienelson210 or connect on LinkedIn.

What People Are Saying about This?

It really gave me new ideas on how we can use social media.

- Nicole

Katie Nelson is an amazing resource, will be reaching out to her for guidance soon. Thank you!

- Brian

Great information on responding to positive and negative comments.

- Rob

I loved the examples. It’s one thing to read a policy but to see one in action through another agency’s experience is great.

- Ryan

There were a lot of actionable ideas and talking points presented. I will be working into conversation with my command staff a conversation about our communication culture. I will also be looking into hosting a poll on our social media outlets to ensure that were are meeting people where they are.

- Raquel

Katie is incredibly knowledgeable on all things PIO and social media; it was so wonderfully refreshing to listen to somebody with so much confidence in the topic at hand.

- Cyndie

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We hear you. Only you know about the demands of your job or if you can “juggle” the demands of work, family, and school. That said, online courses are a great way to get the knowledge you need for career growth, without being tied down to a specific schedule, being out of the office for days at a time, or burdened by the expense of high priced tuition or travel costs. Split up into bite sized components, each course section can be completed over a lunch break in a week’s time – sometimes less. And don’t worry: if life gets in the way, you’ll have a whole year to complete the lessons on your own schedule.

What Internet Browsers Can I Use

We have tested the course using Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The Learning Management System does not work well with Firefox or Safari.

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