How do I Retrieve My Certificate of Attendance?

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Presentation materials, attendance certificates, workbooks and webinar recordings are available to Justice Clearinghouse paid subscribers only.  Individual and organizational subscriptions are available and provide cost-effective, industry-leading, virtual training opportunities covering topics from all reaches of the criminal/public safety area.  Subscribers have unlimited on-demand access to 600+ recorded webinars in the JCH library.

Webinar attendance information is captured for each webinar so as long as you use the same email address to subscribe to JCH as what you registered under for your webinar, you will be able to generate a certificate immediately upon joining. Any past webinar attendance will be automatically imported once you become a subscriber as long as your webinar registration email is the same as your account email. 

Live Webinar

If you attended a live webinar, certificates of attendance should show up by around 6 PM ET on the day of the webinar. You can access these by going to Subscriber -> Certificates of Attendance


Recorded Webinar

If you viewed a recorded webinar, to generate a certificate of attendance you will need to go through each course unit and click the green “Mark as Completed” button. Once the Mark as Completed button is clicked for all units you will have the option of downloading your certificate. This certificate will also be available through Subscriber -> Certificates of Attendance.


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