How Do I Register for a Live Webinar?

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Justice Clearinghouse hosts  more than 200+ live webinars annually. Live webinars are typically scheduled for 1:00pm and 3:00 pm (EST) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

To register for a live webinar, select the webinar title from the upcoming webinar list at  then select “Click for more details” to go to the webinar registration page.


On the webinar registration page, complete the registration form with your infotmation and select “Reserve Your Seat Now” to complete the registration. Note: if you are a paid subscriber, be sure to register for the webinar with the email address associated with your user account so you can access the Certificaate of Attendance upon completion. 

For details on downloading your Certificate of Attendance upon completion, click here

In addition to the 200+ live webinars scheduled annually, Justice Clearinghouse paid subscribers have unlimited, on-demand access to the complete library of 600+ hours of recorded webinar content, presentation materials, workbooks and certificates of attendance.   Individual and organizational subscriptions are available and provide cost-effective, industry-leading, virtual training opportunities covering topics from all reaches of the criminal/public safety area.

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