Does this Webinar Qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

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Justice Clearinghouse provides training nationally across multiple disciplines and provides certificates of attendance for our paid subscribers. However, whether a webinar qualifies for Continuing Education Credits depends entirely on the policies of your credentialing authority and we definitely recommend that you reach out to them.

Each webinar includes the bio/background of the presenter, course content, and participants’ completion certificates are maintained in our system for 7 years. These details are often helpful in the certification process.

Justice Clearinghouse is proud to partner with many national association and partners to produce on-demand, relevant and industry-leading virtual training opportunities covering topics from all reaches of the criminal/public safety arena. Some of our key partners include:

  • The American Society of Evidence Based Policing
  • Australian Institute of Animal Management
  • The International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts
  • The International Association of Law Enforcement Planners
  • Major County Sheriffs of America
  • National Animal Care and Control Association
  • National Sheriffs’ Association
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