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Leadership Seminar Series

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Leadership Seminar Series
Virtus Group Leadership Seminar Series

The Virtus/JCH Leadership Seminar Series is an eight-part series of one-hour webinars that teaches Justice Professionals how to achieve the career and professional success they desire by mastering key leadership concepts. This powerful series on Leadership will look at leadership as a culture rather than a class or series of classes you attend. Topics will include Courage as a form of leadership, emotional intelligence as a tool for growing people and effective feedback to move our organizations forward. In addition to live webinar classes, we’ll be talking with noted leaders about their experiences in managing critical events and leading teams in extraordinary times.

  • Lt. Brian Murphy (ret.) who was shot 15 times during the Sikh Temple Shooting in Oak Creek, WI
  • Superintendent-in-Chief Dan Linskey (ret.) Incident Commander during the Boston Marathon Bombing
  • Chief Randy Watt of the Ogden, UT Police Department and retired special forces commander

By the end of seminar series, students will have:

  • developed their own working definition of leadership
  • been challenged to examine their own strengths and weaknesses in leading
  • developed a working “leadership profile”
  • examined case studies of exemplary leaders


Leadership Seminar Syllabus

Session 1: Leadership-Growing the Courage to Lead (April 18 @ 1300 ET)

In this session, participants will gain a better understanding of courageous leadership and develop strategies to improve their overall leadership capacity. Topics will include developing courage, the importance of mindset on leader development, how failure shapes our leadership experiences and more. Nume leadership experiences and more. Numerous case studies will be examined.

Session 2: Superintendent-In-Chief (ret) of the Boston Police Department during the Boston Marathon Bombing (May 2 @ 1300 ET)

Chief Linskey (ret.) will share leadership lessons from the Boston Marathon Bombing including the role of relationships inside and outside our agencies to help us lead during times of crisis.

Session 3: The Importance of Questioning and Feedback in Leadership (May 16 @ 1300 ET)

Giving and receiving feedback are essential leader tasks. Feedback is also our best tool for identifying our own growth areas. In this session we will examine feedback from multiple angles. What is “good” feedback? Does ‘feedback sent’ equal ‘feedback received’? How does personality impact giving and receiving it? What role do personality assessments play? Ultimately, students will increase their own capacity to courageously participate in feedback.

Session 4: Brian Murphy: LT (ret.) of the Oak Creek (Wisconsin) Police Department (May 30 @ 1300 ET)

Lt. Murphy will share his story of being a reluctant hero in the face of being shot 15 times during the Sikh Temple Shooting in Oak Creek, WI. Discussion will include how to embrace the challenges of unexpectedly becoming a public leader and someone else’s hero. Lt. Murphy will share insights into the personal challenges of leadership in difficult circumstances.

Session 5: Emotional Intelligence (June 13 @ 1300 ET)

In this session participants will be introduced to the five (5) pillars of emotional intelligence. We will also discuss the importance of developing resonant leadership and that emotions in the workplace are not just noise. Finally we’ll demonstrate how "leadership at all levels" and understanding your sphere of influence expands on the Growing Courage Leadership Model.

Session 6: Randy Watt: Police Chief of Ogden, Utah and Colonel (ret.)

Chief Watt will share his powerful stories of leadership from years of law enforcement experience and 33 years 10 months Active Duty and National Guard Service including multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Session 7: Bringing It All Together: Habits of Excellence (July 11 @ 1300 ET)

This session builds on key concepts from all the previous live webinars, such as grit, growth, failure, primal/resonant leadership, effective feedback and accountability. It will also be a call to action for focused, continuous personal development — habits of excellence!

Session 8: Ask Me Anything (July 25 @ 1300 ET)


During our final session Roy and Thom will be taking your questions. Need further clarity on a concept? Want to go further down the rabbit hole on Courageous Leadership, EQ, Feedback? Here is your chance. This is will be an entertaining session, one that you should not miss."

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Seminar Location

This seminar series will be presented through remote webinars using the GoToWebinar network. You will be able to attend the sessions from any internet connected computer.

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Each session will be recorded and this recording will be made available to registrants for 30 days following conclusion of all sessions.

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