JCH Webinars by Date

Webinar IDDateTitle
Webinar IDDateTitle
107 Dec 2016An Overview of U.S. Efforts to Combat Demand For Prostitution and Trafficking Sex
307 Dec 2016NamUs-Investigative and Forensic Resources to Resolve Missing and Unidentified Person Cases
407 Dec 2016Active Shooter and Intruder Response for Dispatchers and 911 Call Takers
507 Dec 2016Gunfighting in the Courtroom Part One
2007 Dec 2016What's New with NLETS
1007 Dec 2016Whining, Sniveling, Malcontents: Dealing With Them and Saving Your Organization
1107 Dec 2016ABCs of Tactical Emergency Medical Support Part One
1207 Dec 2016Tactical Movement and Exercise for Optimal Performance
1307 Dec 2016Shadow Identities: DNA Applications in High-Risk Populations
1407 Dec 2016The Portrayal of Street Gangs in Popular Culture Part One
1507 Dec 2016Mastering the Art of Selling Yourself Part One
1707 Dec 2016Nutrition for Tactical Performance Part One
1807 Dec 2016A Life of Stress: The Damages and the Proper Response
1907 Dec 2016The Police Personality Solid as a Rock or Still Crazy After All These Years
2007 Dec 2016The First 48 – Employing Timely Crime Gun Intelligence Strategies to Firearm-Related Investigations
2107 Dec 2016Mental Health Court Teams, Building Trust for Effective Collaboration
2207 Dec 2016Serial Murder, Separating Fact from Fiction
6007 Dec 2016The Portrayal of Street Gangs in Popular Culture Part Two
6107 Dec 2016ABCs of Tactical Emergency Medical Support Part Two
6207 Dec 2016Gunfighting in the Courtroom Part Two
207 Dec 2016Problem Solving Courts – Emerging Management Challenges Part One
6307 Dec 2016Problem Solving Courts – Emerging Management Challenges Part Two
607 Dec 2016Motivational Interviewing for Criminal Justice Professionals
2307 Dec 2016Local Overdose Fatality Review Teams
2507 Dec 2016Reducing Recidivism Through the Fidelity Bonding Program (FBP) of Michigan
2607 Dec 2016Fitness and Nutrition
2707 Dec 2016Developing a Firearms Investigation Protocol for Your Agency
2807 Dec 2016Rethinking the Active Assailant Response
2907 Dec 2016Outsourcing Property Crimes for DNA Analysis An Eleven Year Perspective
4507 Dec 2016Strangulation in Domestic Violence What More Can be Done
5807 Dec 2016Nutrition for Tactical Performance Part Two
6607 Dec 2016Dynamic of Authority
6907 Dec 2016Brady vs. Maryland, Lessons Learned From an Overturned Conviction
7107 Dec 2016Law Enforcement and Community Response to the Active Shooter
7807 Dec 2016Solving Gun Crimes, Extract & Analyze
7907 Dec 2016Law Enforcement Response to Missing and Unidentified Persons
8007 Dec 2016Solving Gun Crimes, Identify, Apprehend and Convict (Part Three)
8407 Dec 2016Trauma Informed Work
8307 Dec 2016Ending the Cycle of Homelessness
8207 Dec 2016Understanding Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment
8107 Dec 2016Preventing an Active Shooting
7707 Dec 2016NCMEC Protecting Child Pornography Investigation Personnel Part 2
7607 Dec 2016NCMEC Protecting Child Pornography Investigation Personnel Part One
7507 Dec 2016Tactics, Training and Problem Solving
7407 Dec 2016Solving Gun Crime, Part I: Respond and Collect
7307 Dec 2016A Son's Legacy, Improving Law Enforcement Response to Persons with Disabilities
7107 Dec 2016Law Enforcement and Community Response to the Active Shooter
6807 Dec 2016Making the Most of Your After Action Review
6507 Dec 2016Lessons in Leadership
5707 Dec 2016Communities Under The Siege Of Drug Trafficking: A Neighborhood Intervention Strategy
6407 Dec 2016Embracing Today’s Technology to Create the Court of the Future
5907 Dec 2016Mastering the Art of Selling Yourself Part Two
5807 Dec 2016Improving Performance through Better Nutrition
5607 Dec 2016Drive Down Line-of-Duty Deaths with Below 100
5507 Dec 2016On Officer Body Cameras - Challenges and Benefits of Deploying Cameras in the Field. A Departmental Evaluation
5407 Dec 2016Crime Reduction Through Identifying and Targeting Criminal Offenders
5307 Dec 2016Investigating Cold Case Sexual Assault
5207 Dec 2016What Every Law Enforcement Agency Needs to Know about Naloxone
5107 Dec 2016Off By One Degree or Hundreds of Miles: An Investigators Lessons Learned
5007 Dec 2016Combating Infectious Disease A View from the Front Lines
4907 Dec 2016Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP to the PSAP) Project Updates
4807 Dec 2016Ebola in America
4707 Dec 2016Suicide Prevention and Intervention
4607 Dec 2016Suicide Postvention Dealing with the Aftermath
4207 Dec 2016Law Enforcement Systems Integration: NIEM, GRA, XML, Deciphered
4107 Dec 2016Have We Acclimated to the Warm Zone?
4007 Dec 2016The Court’s Role in Solving Mental Health Issues in the Criminal Justice System
3907 Dec 2016Problem Solving Courts in Arizona, A Template for Changing Behaviors
3707 Dec 2016Blending the After Action Review Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
3607 Dec 2016Evolution of California Medical Marijuana Laws
3507 Dec 2016Identifying Today's Shooters – Today
3407 Dec 2016Familial DNA Searching and Cold Cases
3307 Dec 2016The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) – What Does It Mean To You
3207 Dec 2016Awesome Law Enforcement Social Media – How To Do It
3107 Dec 2016“Legal” Drug Use through Chemistry An Overview of the Synthetic Drug Dilemma
3007 Dec 2016Practice Makes Perfect Conducting First Responder Exercises for Critical Performance Areas
4407 Dec 2016Safely Responding to Mental Health Crisis A Perspective from An Individual Living with Mental Illness
4307 Dec 2016Law Enforcement Mental Health Support Teams
8607 Dec 2016Line of Duty Deaths: Building Departmental Response for Fallen Officers
8707 Dec 2016How Confidential Informant Testimony Could Result in Reversal
9009 Feb 2017Autism Awareness for Justice Professionals
8910 Feb 2017Jihad as Terrorism
8810 Feb 2017The Cyber Threat Landscape An Overview Of Hacking, Cyber Security, Internet Security, Cyber Warfare and Hacking
9117 Feb 2017Grant Writing Made Easy
9222 Feb 2017Vulnerable Adult Abuse
9301 Mar 2017Creating a Culture of Pretrial Release
9421 Mar 2017Strangulation in Domestic Violence
9503 Apr 2017March 2017 Cyber Threat Landscape Update
9605 Apr 2017Protecting the Victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking
9706 Apr 2017Developing Communication and Emotional Intelligence Skills
9810 Apr 2017Security Threat Groups and Gangs in Prisons and Jails
9925 Apr 2017Making Gun Crime a Priority in Your Region – Enforcing the Laws on the Books
10027 Apr 2017Confidential Informant Courtroom Lessons Learned
10104 May 2017Use of Force and Officer Safety
10211 May 2017Lights Out: Threats to the U.S. Electric Grid and Implications of a Prolonged Blackout
10517 May 2017Mass Casualty Response Resilience / Post Action Strategic Debriefing
10625 May 2017Implementing the Fair Justice for All Recommendations in Arizona
10701 Jun 2017Investigating & Prosecuting Drowning Cases
10809 Jun 2017Establishing a Crime Gun Intelligence Program Within Your Agency/Region
11015 Jun 2017Competency Based Human Resourcing: Evidence Based Practices
11119 Jun 2017How to Overcome Barriers to Successful Investigation and Prosecution of Elder Abuse Cases
11227 Jun 2017Basic Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Postvention
11306 Jul 2017Prosecuting and Investigating Hot Car Deaths
11413 Jul 2017Free Cyber Crime Resources for the Justice Professional
11518 Jul 2017Effective Leadership During a Crisis
11624 Jul 2017The Hidden Nature of Elder Abuse
11727 Jul 2017Introduction to Doctrinal Sharia (Islamic Law)
11831 Jul 2017Missing Persons: Building Support for Legislation
11903 Aug 2017Case Management System: Using Technology Ensure a Person Based, Holistic Approach
12005 Aug 2017Stop It! Words that Probation Officers Should Practice Not Just Preach
12115 Aug 2017Staying Strong in a Challenging Environment
12225 Aug 2017Gun Crime Investigative Cycle – Bridging the Gaps
12330 Aug 2017Lessons from the Seattle Pacific University Shooting
12430 Aug 2017Keeping Out of Trouble: Universal Questions & Decision Making Model for Ethical and Lawful Policing
12512 Sep 2017Role of the First Line Supervisor
12619 Sep 2017Advanced Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Postvention
12725 Sep 2017Understanding the World of Cybersleuths: Managing Your Local Sherlocks
12828 Sep 2017Forensics at the Speed of Crime
12903 Oct 2017Use of Force: Integrating Communications, Assessment, and Tactics
13005 Oct 2017Managing Mass Casualty Events: Lessons Learned from the Aurora Movie Theater Shooting
13112 Oct 2017Best Practices in Drug Testing
13217 Oct 2017Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Networks in the U.S.
13318 Oct 2017State and Local CyberThreat Landscape
13419 Oct 2017The History, Beliefs and Symbols of the White Nationalist Movement
13524 Oct 2017What I wish I knew before I took over a Public Safety IT Department
13625 Oct 2017Crisis Communications During the Aurora Movie Theater Shooting
13701 Nov 2017Evidence Based Best Practices for Public Safety Agencies
13808 Nov 2017Leadership Through the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
13914 Nov 2017How Seattle’s “Democracy Vouchers” Inspired Citizen Engagement
14029 Nov 2017Hiring for Emotional Intelligence
14105 Dec 2017Developing a Prosecution Strategy Utilizing Crime Gun Intelligence
14207 Dec 2017Clarifying and Understanding Cyber Threats and Actors
14312 Dec 2017Mass Casualty Response Resilience / Post Action Strategic Debriefing
14417 Jan 2018Writing Performance Reviews the SMART Way
14518 Jan 2018The Brooke Astor Story: Hard-learned lessons that address elder abuse and financial exploitation
14724 Jan 2018The Domestic Violence Pre-Sentencing Investigation: From Start to Finish
14622 Jan 2018Developing a PIO Support Program for Families During Mass Casualty Events
14829 Jan 2018Does Preparation Equal Prevention? Why Prepare for an Intruder Response Incident
14901 Feb 2018101 Introduction to How Cybercrime and Cyber Defenses Actually Work
15001 Feb 2018Partners in Crime: The Link between Animal Abuse and Human Abuse
15105 Feb 2018Advanced Supervision Strategies (ASSET Management, Humans, Not $$)
15205 Feb 2018Making the Character Connection – The Dynamic of Virtue
15313 Feb 2018Recognizing Mental Health Disorders in Others
15413 Feb 2018Employing Background Checks in Your Hiring Process: Legal Requirements vs Current Research
15515 Feb 2018Modern 311: Engage Citizens and Empower Employees
15619 Feb 2018Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Effective Decision Making
15723 Feb 2018White Nationalists: What Justice Professionals Need to Know
15823 Feb 2018Leveraging Cloud Technology to Address the Opioid Epidemic in your Community: The Opioid Prevention and Intervention Intelligence System
15927 Feb 2018Effective Response – The Value of Time During an Intruder Response Incident
16001 Mar 2018Leadership EQ from the Inside Out
16106 Mar 2018Providing Wellness Support for Online Child Exploitation Personnel: From website to arrest
16212 Mar 2018Emotional Intelligence for Law Enforcement: A Hidden Key for Survival
16312 Mar 2018Initiating or Enhancing Your Regional Preventive Crime Gun Strategy: The Most Important Thing Is…
16415 Mar 2018What Cops Need to Know about Drug Users to Stay Safe – An Overview
16515 Mar 2018Motivational Interviewing: Coaching and Supervision
16619 Mar 2018Children as Witnesses in Domestic Violence Cases: Law Enforcement Considerations (Part 1)
18822 May 2018The Path from Animal Abuse to Human Abuse: Using Veterinary Forensics to Support Investigation and Prosecution Efforts
16821 Mar 2018Supervising the Domestic Violence Offender: What I’ve Learned from the Field
16921 Mar 2018The Centurion Principle – The Dynamic of Authority
17028 Mar 2018Ask Me Anything: Elder Abuse Prosecutions & Investigations
17101 Apr 2018Understanding the White Nationalist Shock Troops
17201 Apr 2018Decision Day: Options for Pretrial Management
17304 Apr 2018Cyber Threat Landscape Update (Spring 2018)
17406 Apr 2018Ambiguous Loss: The impact of missing persons on victims, advocates and judicial system personnel
17506 Apr 2018DNA Basics: Understanding DNA Evidence in Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions
17611 Apr 2018“The New Normal” – Recovering from an Intruder Response Incident
17713 Apr 2018It Takes a Community: Building Community Based Safety Nets for Victims of Elder Abuse
17817 Apr 2018Report Writing for Justice Professionals: How to write complex, multisection documents for mixed audiences
17917 Apr 2018Session 1: Leadership-Growing the Courage to Lead (Fee Based)
18019 Apr 2018Developing the Individual and Organizational Ethic
18124 Apr 2018Effective Use of Teams in Probation & Parole
18224 Apr 2018Resiliency and the Dynamic of Restoration
18326 Apr 2018How Law Enforcement Can Prepare for, Respond to and Manage Hate Rallies
18401 May 2018Session 2: Interview with Dan Linsky
18503 May 2018Case Supervision Practices
18603 May 2018Serial Murder: Discerning Fact from Fiction
18707 May 2018Creating an Organizational Culture of Wellness
18914 May 2018Introduction to Latent Prints
19014 May 2018The Science of DNA – Simplified! What Law Enforcement and Affiliated Professionals Need to Know
19116 May 2018Session 3: The Importance of Questioning and Feedback in Leadership
19217 May 2018How to Understand General Medical Records for your Investigation and Prosecution of Criminal Cases
19422 May 2018Strategic Planning as a Management Philosophy
19524 May 2018On the Job Threats: Managing the Fear and Panic Response
19624 May 2018What Law Enforcement Agencies Need to Know to Implement a Successful Body-Worn Camera Program
19829 May 2018Session 4: Interview with Brian Murphy
19729 May 2018Social Media Bootcamp: Building A Resilient Reputation
20031 May 2018Verbal De-Escalation
19931 May 2018What Law Enforcement Agencies & Justice Professionals Need to Know about the “Lone Wolf”
20106 Jun 2018Understanding Sexual Assault Perpetration: Dynamics, Tactics, and the Psychology of Sex Offenders
20206 Jun 2018Social Network Analysis: An Innovative Tool to Maximize NIBIN Leads
20312 Jun 2018Bringing Your Best To A Promotional Process
20412 Jun 2018Session 5: Emotional Intelligence
20513 Jun 2018The Power of Resilient Leadership
20618 Jun 2018What You Need to Know About Cyber Security: Free Resources to Improve Your Understanding
20718 Jun 2018Federal Legislation Impacting Children Missing from Care and NCMEC Resources
20819 Jun 2018Giglio, Brady and Discipline Disclosures: What Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Need to Know
20920 Jun 2018Workshop: Understanding Ambiguous Loss’ Impact on Justice Professionals
21020 Jun 2018E5 Leadership
21125 Jun 2018Animal Cruelty and the Link to Collateral Crimes – How animal abuse investigations may lead to other crimes by or against humans
21226 Jun 2018Legal Issues in Today's Jail: Medical Care
21526 Jun 2018Giving First Responders and Schools an EDGE on Active Shooter Training
21326 Jun 2018Session 6: Interview with Randy Watt
21427 Jun 2018Domestic Child Sex Trafficking and Children in Foster Care
21611 Jul 2018Session 7: Bringing It All Together: Habits of Excellence
21712 Jul 2018Creating and Managing Organizational Change
21819 Jul 2018Beyond Victim Blaming: Understanding and Working with Victims of Domestic Violence
21919 Jul 2018Overlaying Digital Intelligence and Ballistics Technology to Enhance Investigations
22023 Jul 2018Achieving Upstandership™: How it can help each and all of us realize (elder) justice
22123 Jul 2018Humanizing Your Agency through Social Media: Humor and Heart
22225 Jul 2018Session 8: Ask Me Anything
22325 Jul 2018Understanding Sexual Assault Perpetration: An Overview of Typologies, Risk, and Recidivism
22425 Jul 2018Cryptocurrencies: the Current Landscape (Part 1)
22630 Jul 2018The Revolution in Emergency Communications: How Next Generation 911 and FirstNet Are Poised to Change Policing in America
22730 Jul 2018Cryptocurrencies: the Current Landscape (Part 2)
22802 Aug 2018The Importance and Role of Building Rapport for Effective Supervision
22902 Aug 2018Who’s Up Next: Succession Planning for Continuous Organizational Growth
23007 Aug 2018The Latest Research and Policy Issues Surrounding the Use of Body-Worn Cameras in Law Enforcement
23109 Aug 2018Heroin & Opioids A to Z
23214 Aug 2018Understanding Medical Records for Your Child Abuse Investigation and Prosecution Efforts
23315 Aug 2018The Role of America’s Law Enforcement in Labor Trafficking Identification
23415 Aug 2018Recipes for Controlling the Emotional Hijack When Roasted, Shaken, and Stirred Amid Crisis
23515 Aug 2018Dealing With The Dark Side: How To Handle Your Most Difficult Employees
23620 Aug 2018Investigating Financial Exploitation: Think Like A Forensic Accountant
23723 Aug 2018Latent Print Processing: Non-Porous Evidence
23827 Aug 2018Breaking Your Own News: Telling Your Story on Your Own Terms
23927 Aug 2018Hiring Great People: What Best Predicts the Performance of Law Enforcement Personnel
24028 Aug 2018What Justice Professionals Need to Know about First Amendment Speech and the Public Sector
24129 Aug 2018Understanding Sexual Assault Perpetration: Sex Offender Management and Treatment Strategies
24229 Aug 2018How Data Analytics Improve Agency & Facility Management
24304 Sep 2018Career Planning: From Academy to Retirement
24405 Sep 2018Forensic Services Unit Resources, Long-term Missing & Unidentified Children, for Justice Professionals
24505 Sep 2018Creating, Managing, or Becoming Peak Performers
24605 Sep 2018Restorative Justice Intervention Program: a Case Study
24711 Sep 2018“Officer Why Did You Shoot My Dog?” The Dynamics of Officer Involved Shootings of Dogs
24814 Sep 2018How to Launch an Elder Abuse Multidisciplinary Team – and Why
24917 Sep 2018Domestic Violence and Firearm Relinquishment: From Honor System to Actual Enforcement
25018 Sep 2018Legal Issues in Today’s Jail: Use of Force
25118 Sep 2018Not Your Momma’s Ethics
25218 Sep 2018Case Preparation and Courtroom Presentation: Understanding the basics to be an effective investigator and courtroom witness
25323 Sep 2018LEADS Scholars & Agencies: NIJ Initiatives to Advance Evidence-Based Policing
25423 Sep 2018Managing Public Criticism: What to Do When Everything Feels Like an Act of Futility
25523 Sep 2018Planning, Designing and Constructing a Public Safety Facility: A Case Study
25930 Sep 2018Domestic Violence and Firearms Relinquishment: Setting Up Your Firearms Surrender Program
25830 Sep 2018Growing and Nurturing Elder Abuse Multidisciplinary Teams
25730 Sep 2018Who Ya Gonna Call…At DHS? Understanding the differences among DHS Components and What They Can Do
25630 Sep 2018Bad to the Bone: Pet Abuse, Child Abuse, and Intimate Partner Violence
26008 Oct 2018Planning and Leading Effective In-Person or Virtual Meetings
26108 Oct 2018How the Murder Accountability Project Can Help Justice Professionals Work Cases
26208 Oct 2018Fair Labor Standards Act for Justice Professionals
26308 Oct 2018Measuring Patrol Workload
26516 Oct 2018Implicit Bias: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
26417 Oct 2018Cyber Threat Landscape Update Fall 2018
26617 Oct 2018What Justice Professionals Need to Know about Hate Crime
26723 Oct 2018The Online Enticement of Children: Trends and Patterns from an In-depth analysis of NCMEC CyberTipline Reports
26823 Oct 2018Understanding the Prison Litigation Reform Act: Impacts & Responses
26923 Oct 2018Stop cutting off the ends of the ham: An Innovative Strategy for Managing Firearm Related Casework
27029 Oct 2018Learning from Error in Criminal Justice: A Sentinel Events Approach
27129 Oct 2018Animal Cruelty Reporting: What Law Enforcement and Justice Professionals Need to Know
27229 Oct 2018Officer Survival for Probation and Parole Officers: Tactical Mindset
27305 Nov 2018Opioids, Animal Welfare and K9 Safety
27406 Nov 2018Planning and Implementing Medication Assisted Treatment in Jails: What Justice Professionals Need to Know
27607 Nov 2018Creating a Leadership Paradigm
27707 Nov 2018The Great Escape: Planning Your Early Retirement from the Justice System
27508 Nov 2018Session 1: Lead Well
27812 Nov 2018Diverse Generations in Public Safety
27912 Nov 2018Session 2: Lead Well
28012 Nov 2018Intelligence-Driven Strategies: Creating an Integrated Approach for Justice Agencies
28126 Nov 2018Evidence-Based Policing: A Practical Approach
28226 Nov 2018What Investigators and Prosecutors Need to Know about Building Cases Against Cock Fighting Perpetrators
28326 Nov 2018Understanding Sexual Violence and Appropriate Responses to Survivors
28403 Dec 2018Understanding Emotet and How to Protect Your Agency
28503 Dec 2018Missing Children via Online Luring
28603 Dec 2018Patrol Staffing Analysis Tools
28710 Dec 2018Keeping Your Super Heroes Super
28810 Dec 2018Excited Delirium and Agitated Chaotic Events: Recognizing, Responding, and Preventing Sudden, In-Custody Deaths
28910 Dec 2018Animal Cruelty Investigations and Prosecutions
29007 Jan 2019Report Writing for Probation Officers
29107 Jan 2019A Duty to Protect: Mental Health Care to the Incarcerated
29207 Jan 2019Introduction to the Inductive Interview System
29314 Jan 2019The Link between Animal Abuse and Human Abuse: Understanding the link to help investigate and prosecute your cases
29414 Jan 2019How Speech Recognition Technology is Transforming Police Reporting
29516 Jan 2019Communication Skills for All Occasions
29616 Jan 2019Bad Dogs, Bad Dogs, Whatcha Gonna Do? The Designation and Regulation of Vicious/Dangerous Dogs
29721 Jan 2019Restorative Justice & Victim Offender Dialogue
29821 Jan 2019Officer Survival for Correctional and Detention Officers
29921 Jan 2019Family Medical Leave Act for Justice Professionals
30021 Jan 2019Building a Preventive Crime Gun Strategy: A Playbook for Success
30128 Jan 2019Domestic Violence 101: What Justice Professionals Need to Understand about The Dynamics, Context & Roots of this Chronic Crime
30228 Jan 2019Launching Your Social Media Program
30328 Jan 2019Justice Agencies & Future Planning for Dark Net, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
30428 Jan 2019Investigating Animal Crimes: What Law Enforcement and Other Justice Professionals Need to Know
30528 Jan 2019Abusive Head Trauma for Prosecutors & Investigators (Part 1)
30604 Feb 2019Patrol Work Scheduling
30704 Feb 2019Part 2: Inductive Interviewing System
30804 Feb 2019Moral Courage and Ethical Lessons Learned from Iraq’s Most Notorious War Crime
30904 Feb 2019Demystifying Terrorism: A Critical Examination of Modern Terrorism
31004 Feb 2019Police Liability: Recent Developments under Section 1983
31110 Feb 2019Working with Your Veterinarian to Better Document Animal Maltreatment
31210 Feb 2019Leading For Influence: It Matters What You Choose Each Day
31310 Feb 2019Identity Theft and Consumer Fraud Investigations: Free Resources for Law Enforcement
31410 Feb 2019The Ten Types of Lies: The Inductive Interview System
31515 Feb 2019Mind.Set + Habit.Set: Your Growth
31615 Feb 2019Hot Topics in Managing Pregnant Women in Jail-Based Settings
31815 Feb 2019Understanding Workplace Violence: Operationalizing Your Prevention Strategies in a Justice Environment
31922 Feb 2019Cultural Awareness for Probation Officers and Justice Professionals
32022 Feb 2019The Trauma of First Response to Cruelty
32122 Feb 2019Advanced Components of Animal Cruelty Investigations
32301 Mar 2019Creating an Animal Abuse and Cruelty Unit for Your Agency
32401 Mar 2019Abusive Head Trauma for Prosecutors and Investigators (Part 2)
32501 Mar 2019Investigating Financial Exploitation of Older and Vulnerable Adults
32601 Mar 2019DV Post Conviction: Responding to Victim Risk and Needs throughout Incarceration and Preparation for Offender Reentry
33308 Mar 2019Developing Your Labor Trafficking Threat Assessment
33408 Mar 2019Impact of an Officer Involved Shooting
33608 Mar 2019The ADA for Justice Professionals
33715 Mar 2019Using NamUs to Resolve Missing and Unidentified Indigenous Person Cases
33815 Mar 2019Understanding and Implementing Inmate Discipline
34122 Mar 2019In-Vehicle Network Connectivity Helps Keep Counties Secure and Safe
34222 Mar 2019Community Supervision and Behavior Change: Techniques that Work
34322 Mar 2019From Guide Dogs to Therapy Squirrels: The Americans with Disabilities Act and Animal Welfare Professionals
34422 Mar 2019Implementing Evidence-Based Policing: Lessons from the LEADS Program
34529 Mar 2019Balancing Order and Recovery: Blueprints for a High-Performing, Trauma-Resilient Jail
34629 Mar 2019Social Media on a Shoestring Budget
34729 Mar 2019Using the New Elder Abuse Guide for Law Enforcement: A New Tool to Help in Elder Abuse Cases
34905 Apr 2019Forensic Testing for Cold Case Investigations: Concepts and Applications for Investigators, Analysts & Prosecutors
35005 Apr 2019Cyber Threat Landscape Update Spring 2019
35112 Apr 2019Advanced Techniques for Dog Fighting Prosecutions
35212 Apr 2019Threats and Risk Assessments of Workplace Violence for Justice Agencies
35312 Apr 2019Untrue Medical Defenses in Abusive Head Trauma & How to deal with them
35519 Apr 2019Contemporary Police Responses to Addiction: Lessons from NIJ's LEADS Program
35619 Apr 2019The Neurobiology and Traumatic Impact of Sexual Assault
35726 Apr 2019Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Keeping Animal Care and Control Personnel Safe
35826 Apr 2019Suicide Identification, Prevention, and Policy Failure
36026 Apr 2019Fine Tuning Your Training
36126 Apr 2019Crime Scene Responsibilities for the First Responder
36303 May 2019Domestically Violent Homes: Threats of Harm for Children
36403 May 2019Difficult Conversations
36503 May 2019How to Handle a Recanting Witness
36703 May 2019Coaching and Developing Your Bench
36803 May 2019From Detention to Legacy: The creation of the Legacy Teen Center
37010 May 2019EQ and You: Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
37110 May 2019Beyond Body-Worn: Boulder County’s Digital Evidence Strategy
37210 May 2019Real Impact, Real Money, Real Re-Entry
37410 May 2019Federal Statutes and Who is Not Allowed to Possess Firearms
37510 May 2019Building Resiliency for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System by Disrupting the Abuse to Prison Pipeline
37617 May 2019Using Murder Data to Help Justice Professionals Work Cases & Solve Crimes
37717 May 2019Criminal Cases Involving Multi-Animal Impounds
37817 May 2019Self-Care for Justice Professionals
37917 May 2019Differentiating by Risk and Enhancing Skill Building Techniques to Motivate Positive Change
38017 May 20192013 Colorado Floods, Boulder’s Emergency Animal Air Rescues: A Military and Animal Control Collaboration
38117 May 2019Mindfulness in Domestic Violence Work-Part I
38224 May 2019Working with Sexual Assault Victims: Strategies for Justice Professionals
38324 May 2019Ask Me Anything: Workplace Violence and Mass Shootings
38431 May 2019Trauma-Informed Training: Incorporating Wellness for Deputies
38531 May 2019An Approach to High Lethality Domestic Violence Offenders: The Accountability Court Model
38631 May 2019Is Your Body Armor Helpful or Harmful? 5 Myths About Body Armor are BUSTED by the Experts
38731 May 2019Women in Law Enforcement: Physical Fitness Standards in Recruit Training Programs
38831 May 2019Trauma Informed Care and Response: 101 Training for Justice Professionals
38907 Jun 2019Family Abductions Part 1: NCMEC Resources for Domestic and International Family Abductions
39007 Jun 2019Cyber Metrics for Agency Execs
39207 Jun 2019How Shelters Can Make Policies More Humane for Wildlife
39307 Jun 2019Staffing Analysis for Criminal Investigations
39407 Jun 2019Preparing for and Surviving Cross-Examination as a Witness
39514 Jun 2019The Use of Social Media to Investigate Animal Crime: Considerations for Law Enforcement Professionals
39614 Jun 2019Beyond CIT: Establishing Mental Health Support Teams
39714 Jun 2019A Daily Drop of Corrosion: How the Daily Experiences in the Justice Professions Can Lead to Burnout
39914 Jun 2019Finding Your Social Media “Voice.”
40014 Jun 2019Mindfulness in Domestic Violence Work- Part II
40321 Jun 2019Pre-Conviction Forfeiture of Seized Animals: Considerations for Justice Professionals
40421 Jun 2019Advanced Dog Fighting Investigations
40621 Jun 2019Protecting the Protector: Who is Taking Care of You?
40721 Jun 2019The Benefits of Developing a Peer Support Program
41605 Jul 2019Securing The Future Of Your Agency Through Succession Planning
41505 Jul 2019The Wild World of Zoonotic Disease: An Introduction
41705 Jul 2019Drowning in Dogs, Cats, Horses...
41805 Jul 2019Police-Led Field Experiments: Lessons from the NIJ's LEADS Scholars Program
41905 Jul 2019What Justice Professionals Need to Know about Hate Crime
42205 Jul 2019What Justice Professionals Need to Know about Garrity: Myths and Realities
42305 Jul 2019War in the Womb: Pregnant Partner Violence and Associated Risks for Mother and Fetus
42405 Jul 2019Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Combat Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking
42505 Jul 2019Women in Law Enforcement: Promotion and Assignment
42605 Jul 2019Reducing Recidivism: Creating a Responsible Pet Ownership Program
42705 Jul 2019Education, Hiring and Disciplinary Issues in Law Enforcement Agencies
42014 Jul 2019NIBIN-Led Policing – A Prosecutor’s Perspective
42114 Jul 2019The Impact of Trauma on Child Development: What justice professionals needs to know
42826 Jul 2019IoT Applications and Instant Networks for Law Enforcement
42926 Jul 2019Use-of-Force Constitutional Standards versus Force Continuum
43026 Jul 2019Male Victims of Sexual Assault: Best Practices for Justice Professionals
43126 Jul 2019Reducing Traffic Fatalities in Urban and Rural Areas: Notes from NIJ's LEADS Program
43202 Aug 2019Sustainable Crime Gun Intelligence Strategies Require Policy Driven Tactics
43302 Aug 2019Kids at Hope: Believing, Connecting and Time Traveling in Youth Justice
43402 Aug 2019Family Abductions Part 2: The Crime of Family Abduction – Impact, Consequences and Considerations
43502 Aug 2019Leading the Chaos
43602 Aug 2019Policing Vulnerable Populations: Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Programs
43709 Aug 2019Tribal-Federal-State Jurisdiction and its Relationship to Public Safety in Indian Country
43809 Aug 2019Retail Sale of Pets: What Investigative Agencies Need to Know
43916 Aug 2019Fostering and Maximizing Your Organization’s Community Engagement
44116 Aug 2019The Dynamic of Restoration: Restoring Renegade Officers
44216 Aug 2019What Happens When You Get Sued: The Civil Litigation Process for Law Enforcement Officers
44323 Aug 2019What Dog Fighters Don't Want You to Know: Considerations for the Justice Professional
44423 Aug 2019Women in Law Enforcement: Navigating Police Culture
44630 Aug 2019Trends in Off Duty Work: Challenges & Considerations
44730 Aug 2019Mental Health Concepts and Trafficking: fundamentals for justice professionals to understand
44906 Sep 2019Presenting Medical Evidence in Child Sexual Abuse Cases: Why it's normal to be normal and why that still matters
45006 Sep 2019Your Story, Your Time: Elevating Your Social Media Presence in the Digital Age
45106 Sep 2019Race, Ethnicity and Police Deployment
45206 Sep 2019Mastering Police Work
45306 Sep 2019Prosecutors and Law enforcement Tools in Animal Cruelty Cases
45413 Sep 2019Honoring our Differences
45513 Sep 2019Thinking for a Change: Expanding and Collaborating on a Cognitive Behavioral Program for Probation
45613 Sep 2019The Art of Crisis Leadership
45713 Sep 2019Advanced Cock Fighting Investigations and Prosecutions
45813 Sep 2019Online Enticement: Examining Risk Factors and Vulnerabilities of Minors in a Technological World
45920 Sep 2019Recruiting a Diverse Police Force: Insights and Action Items from a 21-City Study
46020 Sep 2019Women in Policing: Performance and Outcomes
46220 Sep 2019A Day in the Life: How Exposure to Community Violence Affects Children
46320 Sep 2019Brady Giglio: What Justice Professionals Need to Know
46124 Sep 2019Workshop: Recognizing Common Mental Health Issues Part I
46527 Sep 2019Creating an Animal Abuse Task Force: How Law Enforcement Can Work with Local Resources to Investigate and Prosecute Crimes
46627 Sep 2019The Top 10 Reasons to Start a Police Homeless Outreach Team
46827 Sep 2019Staffing 911 Centers in the Era of NG911
46927 Sep 2019From Child Welfare to the Juvenile Justice System: Disrupting the Abuse to Prison Pipeline For Girls
46701 Oct 2019Recognizing Common Mental Health Issues, Part II
47004 Oct 2019ICS and Legal Considerations for Animals in Natural Disaster Response
47104 Oct 2019Rural School Safety
47204 Oct 2019Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System: The Facts and Figures Justice Professionals Need to Know
47311 Oct 2019Using Your Words: Communicating Your Authority
47511 Oct 2019Wildlife and Rabies
47618 Oct 2019How Justice Agencies Can Implement and Benefit from Sentinel Event Reviews
47718 Oct 2019The Investigation & Prosecution of Gang Related Crimes: an Introduction
47818 Oct 2019Investigating Financial Exploitation: New York’s FEIST-y New Approach
48018 Oct 2019Animal Hoarding: What Criminal Justice Professionals Need to Know
48118 Oct 2019NCMEC Forensic Imaging Techniques and Services
48425 Oct 2019Rights of Police Officers, Sheriff’s Deputies and other Law Enforcement Professionals
48525 Oct 2019School Resource Officers: Conducting Formal Security and Vulnerability Assessments
48625 Oct 2019Are We Speaking the Same Language? Leveraging Conversational Language to Engage Clients
48825 Oct 2019Capturing Great Mug Shots - Why Quality Matters
48925 Oct 2019Therapy K9’s: Changing the way law enforcement reaches their communities
49001 Nov 2019Investigating and Prosecuting Sex Trafficking Cases in Tribal Communities
49101 Nov 2019First Amendment, Social Media and Employee Discipline
49201 Nov 2019Writing Winning Grant Proposals for a Regional Preventive Crime Gun Strategy
49401 Nov 2019Enhancing Leadership Skills
49501 Nov 2019Sex, Lies, and Videotape: What every enforcement officer needs to know about bestiality
49608 Nov 2019Saving Our Heroes and Their Families From The Pain of Suicide
49708 Nov 2019Equine Cruelty 101
49808 Nov 2019How to Talk about Elder Abuse
49908 Nov 2019Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Characteristic behaviors, challenges, and tips for successful interactions
50008 Nov 2019The Public Relations Aspect of Law Enforcement: Creating Internal Agency Buy-In within Your
50115 Nov 2019Alcohol, Drugs, and Rural Communities
50215 Nov 2019Urban Wildlife 101
50315 Nov 2019Making Your Words An Asset Not A Liability: How To Improve What You Say and How You Say It
50415 Nov 2019Watch Your Six: Because Making it Home is Just the Beginning (Part 1)
50529 Nov 2019Humane Wildlife Capture and Handling: Advanced Techniques for Success
50629 Nov 2019Making Re-Entry from Detention Successful
50729 Nov 2019Fixing the Incentives that Force Sheriffs to be Mental Health Providers: A Long Overdue Opportunity
50829 Nov 2019Liability Issues for Law Enforcement
50929 Nov 2019Recognizing the Signs of Victimization in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
51006 Dec 20192019 Cyber Cases in Review and What Decision-Makers Can Do
51106 Dec 2019Watch Your Six: Because Making It Home is Just the Beginning (Part 2)
51206 Dec 2019Turning Conflict Into Conversation
51306 Dec 2019Ethics & Human Bias: The Co-Existence of ABA Model Rule 3.8 and Human Bias
51406 Dec 2019Moving Beyond the Confidence Gap: Advocating for Yourself, Your Colleagues and Your Career
51903 Jan 2020Investigating and Prosecuting Animal Sexual Abuse Cases
52003 Jan 2020Wandering and Elopement in Children with Autism and NCMEC Resources
52110 Jan 2020More Effective Personality Conflict Management by Using the Myers Briggs Dichotomies
52210 Jan 2020Beyond Strategic Planning: Creating a Community Crime Control Plan for Your Agency
52310 Jan 2020Jail Ministries: The Top 10 Things to Consider
52410 Jan 2020Rural Law Enforcement Challenges: A Round Table Discussion
52510 Jan 2020Animal Cruelty and Violent Crime: What First Responding Officers Need to Know
52617 Jan 2020Growth as a Post-Trauma Response
52717 Jan 2020How to Start a Police Homeless Outreach Team in Three Easy Steps
52817 Jan 2020Integrating Community Partnership into Your Agency
52917 Jan 2020The Changing Face of Gangs and Criminal Organizations
53017 Jan 2020Officer Involved Shootings (Part 1)
53124 Jan 2020Making NIBIN an Organizational Lifestyle
53224 Jan 2020Drug Trafficking in Indian Country
53324 Jan 2020Creating your Own Brand of Leadership - Authentically
53424 Jan 2020The Future Of Citizen Identity Issuance
53524 Jan 2020Engagement of Public/Private partnerships in animal cruelty Investigations
53731 Jan 2020Case Studies in Law Enforcement Encounters with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
53831 Jan 2020Marketing & Hiring: How To Stand Out When You Are A Small Fish In A Big Pond
53931 Jan 2020Causes and Conditions of Childhood Trauma: A Practical Approach for Justice Professionals
54031 Jan 2020The Investigation & Prosecution of Strangulation Cases
54107 Feb 2020Solving Problems with Coyotes
54207 Feb 2020Stepping Up 101: A Primer for Sheriffs
54307 Feb 2020Building Trust in 9-1-1
54407 Feb 2020Risk vs. Reward: Being the Middle Man in the Digital Age
54507 Feb 2020Beyond Compstat: The Role of EBP in Policing
54614 Feb 2020Animals as Victims: Charging and the Law
54714 Feb 2020Pre-Prevention - Staying Ahead of the Struggle
54814 Feb 2020Youth Homelessness and Juvenile Justice: Supporting Youth Across Systems
54921 Feb 2020Dangerous Dog Cases, Tips on Investigations and Prosecution
55021 Feb 2020Professional Certification for a Law Enforcement Planner: What? Why? And How?
55121 Feb 2020Military Service and Law Enforcement Recruitment
55221 Feb 2020Officer Involved Shootings (Part 2)
55628 Feb 2020Witness Preparation: How to Effectively Prepare Your Experts and Witnesses to Win Your Cases
55728 Feb 2020Creating a Constant Stream of Recruits: Finding Great People to Meet Your Justice Agency’s Goals
55828 Feb 2020Forensic Palynology and the search for geolocation: Using pollen “fingerprints” to generate investigative leads
56128 Feb 2020Assessing Childhood Trauma: A Guide for Justice Professionals
56228 Feb 2020Moving to NIBRS: Insights into Past, Present, and Future of Incident-Based Reporting
56608 Mar 2020Hashtags and Hate Mail
56708 Mar 2020Seeing Clearly in 2020: Trends and Challenges in Animal Control
56808 Mar 2020Presenting Medical Evidence in Child Abuse Cases
57008 Mar 2020Unsolved Homicides in Indian Country
57108 Mar 2020COVID-19: What it Means for Animals and Animal Care/Control Professionals (The Corona Virus)
57213 Mar 2020EQ for Dispatchers
57313 Mar 2020Introduction to Dark Web Investigation
57413 Mar 2020A View from the Bench: Understanding Judicial Decision Making as It Relates to Batterers Intervention and Prevention Programs
57513 Mar 2020Humanizing Policing: 8 Steps that Build Community Confidence and Promote Officer Safety
57613 Mar 2020Understanding Gender Based Hate Crimes
57720 Mar 2020All Eyes on DV: Developing a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective to Domestic Violence
57823 Mar 2020Cultural Intelligence for Justice Professionals
57923 Mar 2020Creating and Maintaining a Professional Workforce: Managing Difficult People and Dealing with Negativity in the Workplace
58023 Mar 2020Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Managing the Narcissistic, Coercive and Controlling DV Offender
58123 Mar 2020Responding to a Recruiting Crisis: Using Innovative Tactics to Transform Your Recruiting Practices
58223 Mar 2020Top 10 Tips for Taking Wildlife Calls
58327 Mar 2020Community Coordinated Responses: The Key to Getting Your Communities Onboard
58429 Mar 2020Challenges and Issues in Investigating & Prosecuting Gang-Related Crimes
58629 Mar 2020In other words, How do you speak your Judge’s language?
58729 Mar 2020Officer Involved Shootings (Part 3)
58829 Mar 2020Corrections and COVID-19: Maintaining Mental Wellness of Staff and Inmates During Custodial Pandemonium
58531 Mar 2020Working with Sexual Assault Survivors with Disabilities
59103 Apr 2020The Workforce Crisis, and What Law Enforcement Agencies Are Doing About It
59205 Apr 2020Domestic Violence and Domestic Homicide Investigations
59305 Apr 2020Suicide Explained: What Leads Someone To That Moment
59405 Apr 2020Corrections and COVID-19: Enhancing Resiliency of Staff and Inmate Populations
59505 Apr 2020Increasing Your Bounceability: Ways to Build Resilience Every Day
59610 Apr 2020Active Shooter Situations: Is Your Center Prepared?
59713 Apr 2020Dangerous Dog Cases, Tips on Investigations and Prosecution
59913 Apr 2020Saving Money While Saving Lives: Building a Business Case for a Homeless Outreach Team (HOT)
60013 Apr 2020Traumatic Brain Injury: It's Not Just about Football
59815 Apr 2020Unintended Consequences of the Coronavirus Response: Increasing Risk of Family Violence
60217 Apr 2020Intersectionality and Reducing Girls Justice System Involvement
60117 Apr 2020Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls
60317 Apr 2020Planning ahead: Law Enforcement’s response to animal-related calls for service during COVID-19
60417 Apr 2020Working with Your Local Vets: Creating Veterinary Partnerships among Law Enforcement, Prosecution and your Veterinary Community
60517 Apr 2020More Ways to Bounce and Build Your Resilience (Part 2)
60826 Apr 2020Are Current Training Models Failing Officers and Communities Alike?
60926 Apr 2020The New York State Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team: Implications for Probation
61026 Apr 2020LTE Helps Sheriff’s Departments Better Prepare for Emergencies
61126 Apr 2020Leadership On The Front Lines: Navigating The COVID-19 Pandemic
60727 Apr 2020Standards of Care: Mental Health in Our Jails and Prisons…Now What?
61230 Apr 2020Working with Childhood Trauma: Tools for Justice Professionals
61330 Apr 2020Large-Animal Cruelty Cases: Unique Considerations for Investigating Non-Companion Animal Neglect
61430 Apr 2020Victim Rights in a Post Epstein World
61530 Apr 2020Understanding the Link between Animal Abuse and Other Human Crimes: What Probation Officers Need to Know
61730 Apr 2020AMA: Maintaining Resilience
61908 May 2020Domestic Violence Comes to Work: Signs, Symptoms and Response
62008 May 2020Recruiting and Retention of Police: Strategies for Small and Medium Sized Agencies
62108 May 2020Incorporating the Minimum Required Operating Standards (MROS) Into Your Agency’s NIBIN Organizational Lifestyle
62208 May 2020Making Sense of the Current State of Body Worn Camera Research
62315 May 2020Stand Up, Stand Out: How Social Media Enhances Your Staying Power
62415 May 2020What Justice Professionals Need to Know About Applying Common Law Contract Principles to Bargaining Agreements
62515 May 2020When Relationships Matter Most: Community Resilience, Trust and Critical Incident Management
62615 May 2020More than Words: The Emotional Maltreatment of Children
62722 May 2020A Look at Hurricane Dorian: Were we ready? Lessons about Planning, Preparedness and Future Response
62901 Jun 2020Challenge Yourself to Change Your Life
63001 Jun 2020Working with Immigrant Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence
63105 Jun 2020Elder Fraud Prevention and Response Networks – Building Collaboration to Fight Exploitation and Abuse.
63208 Jun 2020Ethical Decision-Making for Law Enforcement and Other Justice Professionals
63308 Jun 2020Like Being the Boss? You'll need your team to stay that way!
63411 Jun 2020Improving Public Safety by Stopping Animal Cruelty: The LINK
63511 Jun 2020An In-depth Look at Darknet Marketplaces
63611 Jun 2020Motivation and Meaning for Law Enforcement Personnel
63711 Jun 2020Community Engagement and Crime Prevention with Risk-Based Policing: Real Data, Real Results
63819 Jun 2020Suspicious Activity Reports – Taking your Elder Financial Abuse Investigations to the Next Level
63921 Jun 2020Combating Domestic Child Sex Trafficking: A Multi-disciplinary Response
64021 Jun 2020The New Generations: How to Recruit, Retain, and Motivate
64121 Jun 2020Contingency Planning: Continuity of Operations Planning, Resiliency, Redundancy, Disaster Recovery, Crisis Communications
64226 Jun 2020Increased Risks for Elder Abuse among the LGBTQ Community: What Justice Professionals Need to Know
64329 Jun 2020Is Mission Creep Killing Your Agency?
64403 Jul 20201983 Civil Rights Litigation: What Justice Professionals Need to Know
64504 Jul 2020A Suicide Screening and Triage System For Use by Both Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff at Your Juvenile Detention Center
64604 Jul 2020Processing Evidence in Animal Crime Cases
64704 Jul 2020Owning Racism & Living the Solution
65010 Jul 2020Large-Scale Animal Cruelty Seizures: Key Considerations
65210 Jul 2020Evidence Based Prosecutions: Building Your Case One Puzzle Piece at a Time
64910 Jul 2020Cumulative Trauma: The Covert Enemy of First Responders
65110 Jul 2020Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights
65517 Jul 2020A Proactive Response to Domestic Violence: Understanding and Identifying Incarcerated Batterers
65619 Jul 2020Building Competence and Confidence in Our Clients: Incorporating Social Skills Instruction into Already-Occurring Interactions
65719 Jul 2020In Search Of Excellence: Lessons On Leadership, Life & How To Empower Female Leaders To Rise
65819 Jul 2020Preserving and Enhancing Your Violent Crime Reduction Program in the Era of “De-funding”
65924 Jul 2020Beyond Racism: Identifying the Roadblocks, Barriers and Blind Spots That Are Holding Your Organization Back
66126 Jul 2020Disaster Preparedness: How an Effective Plan Between Custody and Health Services Can Make all the Difference
66226 Jul 2020Working and Managing Inter-Agency Relationships: Investigating & Prosecuting Animal Abuse Cases
66331 Jul 2020Success Factors in Your Career
66502 Aug 2020Iris Recognition in Law Enforcement
66602 Aug 2020Calming Your Storm: Tools to De-Escalate Yourself, Increase Emotional Control & Reduce “Reactivity”
66403 Aug 2020Developing Women as Leaders: Evidence-Based Insight and Solutions for Recruiting, Retaining and Developing Women Leaders
66809 Aug 2020Emotional Intelligence: The Hard Skill that Will Make Your Career and Save Your Personal Life
66909 Aug 2020Getting Started with Managed Intake
67009 Aug 2020Asking the Right Questions: Collaborative Approaches and Strategies to Identify and Serve Child Sex Trafficking Survivors
67109 Aug 2020Transformation and Change for Criminal Justice Professionals
67209 Aug 2020The Contagiousness of Vicarious Trauma: Impacts, Considerations, and Responses
67309 Aug 2020Strategies to Facilitate Service and Enforcement of Foreign Protection Orders
7212 Feb 2016Law Enforcement Use of Force Challenges and Resolution Strategies
67414 Aug 2020Get Your Drone Program Off The Ground: SGIs/COAs, LAANC, Situational Awareness At Your Fingertips
67516 Aug 2020Suicide by Cop Protocols and Training Guide
67616 Aug 2020Centralizing Law Enforcement Purchasing Requests for Better Outcomes
67716 Aug 2020Traffic Safety Through Education, Engineering, and Enforcement
67816 Aug 2020What are Mesopredators? Taking a Deeper Look at Solving Problems with Our Smallest Urban Predators
67921 Aug 2020Understanding the Dark Web: Challenges & Case Studies for Justice Professionals
68024 Aug 2020Title VII Employment Discrimination: What Justice Professionals Need to Know
68124 Aug 2020Cultural Competence and Elder Abuse
68224 Aug 2020The Secret Sauce to Finding the Best Candidates
68324 Aug 2020Post Critical Incident Seminar: What You Can Do When Things Aren’t Getting Better
68428 Aug 2020Emphasizing EQ in your Organization Culture
68528 Aug 2020The Connection between Personal and Organizational Ethics
68628 Aug 2020Being Water, Not Gas: Strategies & Tools to Effectively De-escalate Others
68728 Aug 2020No Second Chance: Handling Suicidal Callers in Dispatch
68828 Aug 2020Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors and their Pets through Collaboration
68904 Sep 2020Tough Times, Hard Conversations and Healing: Ask Us Anything
69007 Sep 2020An Occupational Risk: What Law Enforcement Agencies Can Do to Prevent Officer Suicide
69107 Sep 2020The Worst of Both Worlds: Risk Taking, Violence, and the Transitional Age Brain
69211 Sep 2020Domestic Violence: The Forgotten Frontier
69313 Sep 2020School Guardian Programs: A Psychological Perspective
69413 Sep 2020Promising Practices in Missing and Unidentified Person Case Investigations
69513 Sep 2020It’s Not the Person You Think It Is: Identifying Your Most Prolific Shooters
69618 Sep 2020How Public Safety Can Utilize LTE During Planned Events
69720 Sep 2020Post Critical Incident Seminar: A Tested Solution for Helping Cops Recover From The Worst Incidents
69820 Sep 2020A Proactive Response to Domestic Violence (Part 2)
69920 Sep 2020Medical Aspects of Child Neglect
70020 Sep 2020Job Satisfaction: An Evidence-Based Approach to Improving Morale and Reducing Stress with the Employees in Your Organization
70125 Sep 2020Using Data and Performance Measurement to Improve Criminal Justice Outcomes
70225 Sep 2020The Status of Animals in Criminal Animal Cruelty Cases: What Animal Protection Professionals Need to Know
70325 Sep 2020Examining the Power & Science of Hope: Understanding Kids@Hope for Justice Professionals
70425 Sep 2020Crisis Leadership & Communications in a Complex, Headline-Driven World
70525 Sep 2020Using Social Media for Recruiting: Targeted Messaging in Law Enforcement
70625 Sep 2020Enhancing Your Managed Intake Process
70702 Oct 2020Family Violence and the Abuse to Prison Pipeline for Girls
70805 Oct 2020The Center of Emerging Threats
70905 Oct 2020Conducting Online Sheriff Sales in the COVID-19 Era
71005 Oct 2020Collaborating to Catch a Predator
71105 Oct 2020Custody Considerations in Animal Control
71205 Oct 2020Communicating for Trust-Building
71309 Oct 2020Building Resiliency: The Dawn of the Mentally Strong Employee
71409 Oct 2020How to Free Companion Animals and Wildlife Wrongly Caught in Traps
71509 Oct 2020Leadership and the Art of the Sale
71609 Oct 2020The Application of Kids at Hope: A Cultural Strategy
71709 Oct 2020Jack Ruby: The Original Trial of the Century
71816 Oct 2020The Future of the Dark Web
71916 Oct 2020Experiences from a Randomized-Controlled Trial of Police Social Interaction Training
72016 Oct 2020Livestream 911 Calls Directly to First Responders for Improved Situational Awareness and Faster Response Times
72116 Oct 2020Co-Responder Programs: Keys to Successful Implementation and Promising Innovations for Justice Professionals
72223 Oct 2020Reducing Response Times with Smart Fleet Management
72326 Oct 2020Smile! You're on Not-So Candid Camera
72426 Oct 2020Provision of Methadone for Opioid Use Disorder within a County Jail
72526 Oct 2020Understanding Wildlife Animal Cruelty
72626 Oct 2020On the Front Lines of the Opioid Epidemic: Research, Challenges and Multi-Disciplinary Responses in the Justice System
72730 Oct 2020Creating and Maintaining A Great Workforce: Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employees
72802 Nov 2020Adapting to Critical Change at Corrections Facilities
72902 Nov 2020Understanding Implicit Bias: Research and Reality
73002 Nov 2020The Art of Crisis Leadership
73102 Nov 2020Building Detention Intel the Right Way
73206 Nov 2020Recruiting the 21st Century Police Officer: Successes, Challenges and Lessons Learned
73308 Nov 2020The Psychology of an Active Shooter
73408 Nov 2020Canine Communication in the Field and Shelter
73508 Nov 2020You Matter: Self Care for the Social Media Manager
73608 Nov 2020The Current FCC Proceedings and How They will Affect Your Inmate Communications Environment
73713 Nov 2020Life-Saving Partners: 911 and Suicide Lifelines Working Together
73814 Nov 2020The Wichita Crime Gun Intelligence Center: a Unique Law Enforcement University Partnership Approach
73914 Nov 2020The United States of America vs. Timothy James McVeigh: The OKC Bombing Trial
74027 Nov 2020Dealing with Big City Gun Crime in Small Towns
74130 Nov 2020Understanding Sexual Abuse Examinations in Investigation and Prosecution Efforts
74230 Nov 2020Analyzing and Producing Actionable Insights
74330 Nov 2020How LTE Can Connect Essential Law Enforcement Technologies
74430 Nov 2020Assessing Dog Behaviour in Shelter Settings
74530 Nov 2020Victim Rights: What Law Enforcement Officers Need to Know
74630 Nov 2020Animals in Disasters: How to Help Your Community
74704 Dec 2020Emergency Response, Search and Rescue, Disaster Recovery: Real-time Video Streaming for Improved Situational Awareness
74807 Dec 2020Actions Speak Louder than Words: What Your Boss Wished You Knew. Professionalism in an Increasingly Unprofessional World
74907 Dec 2020The Prosecution of Child Neglect Cases
75007 Dec 2020Unintended Consequences of Disinformation Campaigns on Law Enforcement
75107 Dec 2020Recruiting the Next Generation to Your Agency
75211 Jan 2021A Proactive Response to Domestic Violence: Collaboration in Facility and Parole-Based Batterer Intervention Programming
75311 Jan 2021It’s the Manager
75411 Jan 2021Dealing with High Risk Terminations
75511 Jan 2021Understanding the Impact of Police Body Worn Cameras on Public Defenders
75611 Jan 2021Emotional Intelligence: How EQ Can Make a Difference in Your Criminal Justice Career
75718 Jan 2021Outside Yourself: Making the Most of Mental Health Resources
75818 Jan 2021A Beginner’s Guide to Online Investigations
75918 Jan 2021How Technology Supports Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Programs
76018 Jan 2021From Flash to Bang: How Disinformation Fueled the Attack on The U.S. Capitol
76118 Jan 2021Preserving the Bond and Preventing Cruelty: The Veterinarian’s Role
76222 Jan 2021Elevating Community Engagement and Relationships to Reduce Gun Violence
76322 Jan 2021Policing in the Post-Floyd Era: Use of Force and Community Engagement
76422 Jan 2021Motivational Conversation for Supervisors: Easy to learn skills needed to move your team in the right direction
76522 Jan 2021Strengthening First Responder Resilience and Wellness During Social Unrest and Stressful Times
76622 Jan 2021Countering Disinformation Campaigns for Law Enforcement Command Staff, Practitioners, and Public Information Officers
76729 Jan 2021Understanding Unethical Behavior
76829 Jan 2021Preventing Jail Suicide: Adjusting Current Strategies to Save Lives
76929 Jan 2021Fentanyl and First Responder Safety: Myths vs Reality
77029 Jan 2021A Case Study in Pennsylvania’s Transition to Online Sheriff Sales
77129 Jan 2021Policing in the “Executive State”
77229 Jan 2021Video Testimony: The Virtual Courtroom for the ACO
77305 Feb 2021Domestic Violence and Dispatch
77405 Feb 2021Successful Mental Health Diversion Programs: What Law Enforcement Needs to Know
77505 Feb 2021Preparation is Key: Ensuring Your Chief is Ready for Media Interviews
77605 Feb 2021Change and Acceptance: Why We Succeed, Why We Fail
77705 Feb 2021Emotional Intelligence: Using Self Perception and Self Awareness
77815 Feb 2021The Benefits of Correctional Intelligence Led Policing
77915 Feb 2021Growing Your Career by Developing Your Brand
78015 Feb 2021El Paso Intelligence Center Capabilities: All Threats, All Crimes, Support for All Law Enforcement
78115 Feb 2021Building Peer Support Programs for Prosecutors
78219 Feb 2021You don’t just need MORE data. You need the RIGHT data.
78319 Feb 2021What ACO's Need to Know about Puppy Mills
78419 Feb 2021Partner Webinar: Capturing the Truth: How 3D Technology Can Help Your Agency Manage Officer-Involved Incidents
78519 Feb 2021Making Personal Safety a Priority: Lessons for Public Officials, Criminal Justice Professionals and Victim Advocates
78619 Feb 2021Recognition and Prevention of Sex Trafficking in Adult Corrections Facilities
78701 Mar 2021When the Evidence Wags Its Tail
78801 Mar 2021Partner Webinar: Intercepting Narcotics in Schools Post Pandemic – School Resource Officer Education and Training
78901 Mar 2021Successful Animal Management Program in Regional Australia: Lessons learned from a multi – agency approach in a challenging comm
79001 Mar 2021NCCHC and COVID-19: Lessons We’ve Learned in our Facilities
79105 Mar 2021Cultural Intelligence for Law Enforcement: A Deeper Dive for Success.
79205 Mar 2021The Elder Abuse Guide for Law Enforcement (EAGLE): It's Not Just for Law Enforcement!
79305 Mar 2021Partner Webinar: Enabling a World of Trust within Law Enforcement, Local Government and Criminal Justice Systems
79405 Mar 2021Partner Webinar: The Future of De-Escalation Training for Law Enforcement
79505 Mar 2021Measuring Fairness: Using Client Feedback to Enhance Our Work
79605 Mar 2021Emotional Intelligence: Flexibility & Stress Management
79715 Mar 2021Motivational Conversation for Investigators
79815 Mar 2021Local Strategies To Combat the Global Problem of Human Trafficking
79915 Mar 2021The Importance of Mental Tenacity in Policing
80015 Mar 2021Reuniting and Renesting Orphaned Wildlife
80119 Mar 2021Adverse Childhood Experiences: The Importance of Law Enforcement Recognition and Intervention
80219 Mar 2021Partner Webinar: Creating Reliable, Efficient Communications without Breaking the Bank: Using Radio over IP for LEAs
80319 Mar 2021Preventing Jail Suicide: Issues We Don’t Talk About, But Should
80419 Mar 2021Don’t Do Data Sharing Alone! And Don’t Do Half Way Data Sharing!
80526 Mar 2021Public Information Post-George Floyd
80626 Mar 2021Building a Community Advisory Board for those Impacted by Violence
80726 Mar 2021Partner Webinar: How Should We Train Officers for Long-Term and Fulfilling Careers?
80826 Mar 2021Police Response to Homelessness: Promising Practices and Partnerships for Criminal Justice Professionals
80926 Mar 2021When The Evidence Needs A Home: Best Practices for Pre-Conviction Forfeiture Statute Use
81002 Apr 2021Understanding Compassion Fatigue for First Responders and Criminal Justice Professionals
81102 Apr 2021Leadership: Lessons Learned Throughout a Career
81302 Apr 2021Build Short Term Foster Programs to Reduce Kennel Stress and Increase Adoptions: Staycations and Daycations
81402 Apr 2021Disaster Without, Disaster Within: Natural Disasters and Family Violence
81509 Apr 2021Protecting Key People in Your Organization
81609 Apr 2021Partner Webinar: Understanding Hemp vs Marijuana – and how to test for the difference
81709 Apr 2021Make the Call: Child Discipline or Abuse
81809 Apr 2021Emotional Intelligence: Understanding Decision Making and Reality Testing
81916 Apr 2021Crime Prevention with Data-Informed Community Engagement
82016 Apr 2021The Empathetic Workplace: 5 Steps to a Compassionate, Calm, and Confident Response to Trauma on the Job
82116 Apr 2021Depression: Myths, Signs, Prevention and Treatment
82223 Apr 2021Long-Term Coping Skills
82323 Apr 2021Partner Webinar: The Power of 3D Technology in the Courtroom
82423 Apr 2021Transparency in the Digital Era
82523 Apr 2021Making the Call: Simple, Gross Neglect or Cruelty?
82630 Apr 2021Avoiding Teeth and Bullets: Safely Interacting with Animals as a Law Enforcement Officer
82730 Apr 2021Creating the Best Start for New Dispatchers
82830 Apr 2021Partner Webinar: Corrections-to-Health, Improving Inmate Healthcare Data Exchange
82930 Apr 2021Creating a Culture of Learning: After-Action Reviews
83030 Apr 2021Improving Officer Motivation to Train: The Barriers and Facilitators to Police Training Receptivity
83130 Apr 2021“I Wanted to Know What it Feels Like”: Childhood Psychopathy and Extreme Violence Committed by Youth
83207 May 2021Pet Friendly Domestic Violence Shelters: Creating a pet-friendly program that works for your community
83307 May 2021Partner Webinar: Using Online Marketplaces for Valuable Open Source Intelligence Data
83407 May 2021Tools, Tips and Tricks for the ACO: Lessons Learned from the Field
83507 May 2021Preparing Witnesses and Experts for Trial
83614 May 2021Animal Cruelty Investigations and the 4th Amendment
83714 May 2021Morale in Criminal Justice Agencies
83814 May 2021Operation Find Our Kids: Coordinated Efforts to Find Missing Children
83914 May 2021Emotional Intelligence: Recognizing Interpersonal Skills and Empathy
84020 May 2021The Secret Behind Getting into Incredible Shape while Working Our Crazy Careers
84120 May 2021Relational Policing: Using the Power of Connection to Build Trust
84220 May 2021Animal Crimes: The Issues and Problems Facing Small, Rural and Tribal Law Enforcement (Part 1)
84320 May 2021Investigative Psychology: The Latest Science on Offender Profiling & Linking Serial Crimes
84420 May 2021Launching Your Agency’s Drone Program: From Planning to Take Off
84520 May 2021Communicating Trust: Can Simple Website Edits Boost Legitimacy?
84620 May 2021Millennials and Generation Z in Law Enforcement: The strengths, limitations and unique characteristics of the “Me” generations.
84704 Jun 2021Getting Curious in the Face of Conflict: How to Use Targeted Questions to Control Escalation
84804 Jun 2021Helping Wild Animals in Distress
84904 Jun 2021Partner Webinar: Becoming a First Line Supervisor: Characteristics, Training and Challenges
85004 Jun 2021How a History of Sexual Exploitation and Racial Violence Funnels Women and Girls of Color into the Abuse to Prison Pipeline
85104 Jun 202110 Cyber Security and Online Privacy Tips for Everyone
85211 Jun 2021Courtroom Animal Advocate Programs: At the Crossroads of Crime Victim Law and Animal Law
85311 Jun 2021Patrol Intelligence Officers: Intelligence-Led Policing in Action
85411 Jun 2021Emotional Intelligence: Learning more about Self Expression and Emotional Expression
85518 Jun 2021Innovation in Policing: C3 Policing and the Eight Building Blocks for Healthier Communities
85618 Jun 2021Preparing for Trial: What Witnesses and Experts Need to Know
85718 Jun 2021Motivational Conversation for Community Building: Learn the skills needed to connect and engage with the communities we serve
85818 Jun 2021Crisis Communication Basics: Speaking Up When You Don't Know What to Say
85925 Jun 2021The Leader’s Dilemma: How to Balance Two Important Needs
86025 Jun 2021Getting Started in the Animal Control and Protection Field
86102 Jul 2021Building and Maintaining a Productive High Volume Foster Program That Serves the Animals YOU Need Help With
86202 Jul 2021Police Fatigue: Strategies for Managing Fatigue and Promoting Sleep Health
86309 Jul 2021Improving Resilience in Five Minutes a Day: Applying the 4 Pillars of Resilience into a Daily Routine to Thrive
86409 Jul 2021Hemp for Law Enforcement
86509 Jul 2021Supervising Gang Members on Parole and Probation: Making the Case for a Specialized Supervision Unit
86609 Jul 2021Prosecuting Farmed Animal Cruelty
86716 Jul 2021Executive Skills: How to be a More Efficient Leader at Any Level
86816 Jul 2021Tex and Charlie: The People of California v. Charles “Tex” Watson
86916 Jul 2021Building a Crime Gun Intelligence Capability
87016 Jul 2021The Care, Nurturing and Enrichment of Tame and Feral Volunteers
87123 Jul 2021Hemp for Probation and Parole
87223 Jul 2021How Does Elder Abuse Impact Latinx Communities?
87323 Jul 2021Alarm Calls For Service: Increasing Accuracy, Efficiency and Reliability
87423 Jul 2021Across the Lifespan: Serving Older Survivors of Sexual Violence (Part 1)
87530 Jul 2021Top 10 Ways to Screw Up a Case
87630 Jul 2021Did They Actually Live Happily Ever After? Debunking Translocation Myths
87730 Jul 2021Partner Webinar: Is Your Training Program Up to Par? Investment in Your Training Program to Produce The Best Outcomes
87830 Jul 2021Suicide Prevention: A NCCHC Resource Guide
87930 Jul 2021Forensic Interviews of Children: What Justice Professionals Need to Know