JCH Legal Liability Limitations

This Webinar is one of many presented by Justice Clearinghouse (“JCH”). Topics presented by JCH cover a wide range of issues related to criminal justice.

Important aspects of broadening your knowledge are keeping an open mind about what others with experience have to say,  and assimilating that into your own personal base of information.  Equally important is deciding when and how to use the information, perhaps with little or no opportunity for thorough  analysis before taking action.

Involvement in the criminal justice system almost always includes some degree of risk.  The experiences, views and recommendations conveyed by the presenters appearing in JCH webinars may not be applicable to every situation for you in real life.

It is also possible that presenters may have conflicting views.  In the end, it is up to you to decide how to incorporate what you have learned here into your actual practice.

With this in mind, as a condition of participating in this Webinar, you agree that JCH shall have no responsibility for your decisions related to how to use the information presented to you, or how to put into practice the information of this particular presenter.  You agree to indemnify and hold JCH and the presenter harmless from any lawsuits, damages, injuries, losses or claims arising from your decisions as to how to use this information, or in any way related to your participation in this Webinar.