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The best recruiting and retention ideas from public and private sector.


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Recruiting and retaining great people can be the single biggest challenge any organization faces. Having the right people on your team impacts your ability to serve your community professionally, complete your organization's mission, build community relationships, and grow your agency's resiliency.

But criminal justice agencies are facing incredible headwinds today. From falling public support, to changing generational dynamics, and increasing competition for top talent, agencies are finding it difficult to find the right people to be part of their agencies, retain the best and brightest to help lead those agencies, and to keep those valuable employees healthy so they can continue to give their best to the communities they serve.

Unlike any workshop, breakout session or white paper resource, this online class isn’t full of research studies that restate what you already know. Nor does it retread all the “tried and true” tactics you see in virtually every other Recruiting and Retention program (some of which don’t always work).

Designed by a hiring manager who knows exactly the challenges you’re struggling with in today’s recruiting environment, this practical, hands-on course will help you build your recruiting and retention program while you’re taking the class. Some of these concrete, implementable ideas will be fast and easy solutions that can be done in a day. Others, may take a week or even a month. Other ideas, due to their longer-term solution orientation, may take a year or more.

There’s no fluff. No watered-down generalities, or pie-in-the-sky theoreticals. This course brings you specific, tactical ideas as well as tips for implementation that are being done in a range of professions and jurisdictions: ideas all in one place for you to select, tackle, and then return to for the next idea.

You’ll also have access to a private Facebook Group to get help when you’re stuck, celebrate your wins, and brainstorm new ideas for your organization.

Ready to solve your organization’s recruiting or retention challenges? Great – let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!


Designed for the Busy Working Professional

Whether you are new in the field or you’re ready to take the next step in your career, consider investing in your future through this course which is filled with more than 6.5 hours of instruction, activities and exercises designed to help you grow and succeed in your role as over 300 practical specific tactics designed to help you implement the ideas learned. Students will also have access to an exclusive, private Facebook coaching group to get help, insights and support from not only Brenda, but other professionals in the course.


Convenient and Affordable Training on your own schedule and without the need to travel.


Taught by a Law Enforcement and Corrections Leader


Course consists of over 300 practical tips for leaders in any justice profession.

grow in your career

Your online course is filled with more than 6.5 hours of instruction, activities and exercises designed to help you grow and succeed in your role.







Meet Your Instructor

Col. Brenda Dietzman (Ret)

Col. Brenda Dietzman (Ret) is a passionate speaker who has more than 28 years of law enforcement and corrections experience. She provides evidence-based training solutions and inspiring presentations for both individual and organizational improvement. She has presented at numerous national, state, and local events as well as for international audiences. Her areas of expertise include resilience, leadership, developing women leaders and leading generations. She is an internationally certified IADLEST instructor.

In 2019, Col. Dietzman retired from the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office as the undersheriff in charge of jail operations. She oversaw two facilities with a total population of 1400+ inmates, 300+ employees and a $40 million budget. During her time in law enforcement, she also served as the captain in charge of the Patrol Division and the Judicial Division, a lieutenant in both the Patrol Division and the Special Project Unit, a Community Policing sergeant, detective, and a road patrol deputy.

What People Are Saying about This?

Reinforced some of the good work we have already been doing and highlighted some ideas we have not yet thought of – Brenda is a rock star!”

- Jeff

This was fantastic! I have been trying to figure out solutions for retention and recruiting women, so thank you, Brenda!

- Alexandria

Loved the energy and passion of the speaker, felt like I could apply a lot of what she said.

- Mikayla

If you haven’t heard Brenda Dietzman teach before you are missing out. This is a great opportunity to hear her passion and experience in a relatable way.

- Stephanie

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