Law Enforcement

Our largest category of webinars which include leadership, wellness, testimony, domestic violence, resilience, retail crime, open source intelligence,…

Animal Care and Control

Topics include wildlife, social media, "The Link", fundraising, return to owner, animal disaster, managing volunteers, hoarding, prosecuting cases

Probation/Community Corrections

Topics include trauma informed supervision, wellness, coaching vs. referee, resilience and restorative justice

Victim Assistance

Topics include trauma informed advocacy, firearms awareness, Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cycles of Abuse, and Traumatic Brain…

Jail & Corrections

Topics include leadership, offender manipulation, juvenile detention, wellness, testimony, restorative justice

Public Information Officer (PIO)

Topics include social media, online reputation management, marketing strategies, public trust, misinformation, graphic design, social listening, crisis communication

Social Services

Topics include trauma, Autism Spectrum Disorder, wellness, mental health, LGBTQ+, lethality assessments

Attorney/Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Topics include testimony, animal advocates, trust and legitimacy, trauma informed court, questioning, hearsay, restorative justice, survivor support

Child Welfare/Juvenile Justice

Topics include Interpersonal Violence, Communicating, Forensic Interviews, trauma, Problematic Sexual Behaviors, mental health, wellness


Topics include empowerment, trauma, caring for people, micro-habits, mental health services, resilience, self-care, culture

Forensics and Crime Labs

Topics include gun crime, ghost guns, forensic-lead policing, NIBIN, forensic testing