Animal Welfare

Topics include wildlife, social media, "The Link", fundraising, return to owner, animal disaster, managing volunteers, hoarding, prosecuting cases


Topics include creating positive change, women in leadership, dealing with conflict, Maslow, informal leadership, Myers Briggs, and performance…

Domestic Violence/IPV

Topics include intergenerational trauma, trauma triggers, firearms awareness, traumatic brain injury, strangulation, elder abuse, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE),…


Topics include nutrition, financial fitness, burnout, stress response, resilience, micro-habits, trauma triggers, suicide, meditation and mental health resources.


Topics include promotion preparation, assessment centers, oral panel interviews, career survival, and developing an exit strategy


Topics include generations, social media for recruiting, hiring for EQ, employment discrimination, and recruiting strategies

Gun Crime Investigations

Topics include firearms awareness, prevention, ghost guns, evidence screening, Minimum Required Operating Standards (MROS), NIBIN, and prosecuting gun…

Use of Force

Topics include de-escalation, implicit bias, compassionate policing, active listening, emotional intelligence and communication skills

Mass Casualty Incidents

Topics include after incident analysis, emergency management, PIO response, high-risk terminations, extreme violence, and active shooter